Among the dead

This is the first of hopefully many stories by me, I do geographically come from Denmark but since I have so little understanding about the Danish ways of using Dots and Commas I have chosen to write in English.


2. Chapter 1

I woke up with a shock all covered in sweat, I looked around only to find the dull light from the candle in the far end of the room, I gave a sigh, I suppose I should feel relieved now that I was certain that nothing was wrong but yet I couldn't shake this feeling of something being wrong off. I tried to ignored the feeling putting my head on the pillow that we had found in the house we currently were in. We were a group of 5. 5 people who had been friends since childhood each with our own speciality, I for example had a perfect aim while when it came to persuasion, jack was the guy to send in, although, it was more and more uncommon we even needed that any more, most of the other survivors in the country had gone insane, shooting everything they laid their eyes on, even their own co-survivors, others had simply thrown themselves into the zombies with a large knife in a last attempt to get away, I haven't heard of anyone succeeding in that. Others committed suicide in the thought of not coming back as a zombie.

I tried not to think about it any more, closing my eyes and after some time finally falling asleep I slept the rest of that night having a dream about how my first experience with the Zombie Apocalypse was.

I was walking around casually in a grocery store trying to find just the right food for that day, I didn't know what I wanted to eat, I had absolutely no idea, maybe, maybe that was why I was looking so strangely around on everyone, like, like they were already zombies. ''stop thinking like that, look around, they are normal people, nothing to worry about'' I tried calming myself down with those words. I shook my head and looked on some vegetables. Some time went on where I kept being on the watch, watching if people came too close, if they came directly towards me.

Something pulled me out of all thoughts, it was a scream, a scream so loud it pierced through my bones making me look shocked towards the point of origin, I dropped all my things and for some reason I ran towards the scream instead of away, everything in my body said ''You don't want to go there, it can Only lead to trouble if you go there, turn around'' I pushed all my rational feelings aside only thinking about helping Somehow. Everybody was in panic, they all ran towards the far end of the shop, only I tried to get towards the person who screamed, I pushed my way through the masses of people running the opposite direction. After the people had run past me it was like a ghost town in the store, nobody was to be seen anywhere but behind me, I stopped and began walking slowly forward. That's when I saw the blood, the blood that was flowing, most likely from the woman who screamed just before. It sounded like there were 5 maybe 6 people walking around at the isle where I was at, at the time, I went to an open location where I knew no one would be able to sneak up on me. Four silhouettes moved into to the same area as me, still staying in the shadows so I couldn't see their face and tell if they were friends or foes. I stayed on guard keeping an eye on all as well as I possibly could.

One after one they came out into the light of the shop and one after one could I recognize their faces ''holy shit, I haven't seen those guys in ages!''. They were all there; Jack Dangerfield, Richard 'Dick' Johnson,  Natalie Smith and Emily Hayes. I sighed with relief now that I knew it was some of my Very good friends. We went to the middle of our little 'area' in the top of the store we were in and greeted each other, we shook each others hands. It turned out that they as well as I did, ran up here to find out who screamed and what made her scream, ''Maybe it was a bear of something walking outside?'' it was Richard suggesting it, making weird stupid-ish suggestions and questions was Just his this "Nono, it can't be a bear" It was Natalie Smith destroying yet another of his ideas, "Well Einstein! what do You suggest it was hmm?" he was clearly offended and mad about the fact no one ever listened to what he said, apparently that had happened his entire life "Why don't we just. I don't know. ASK her?" something told me they were in pretty bad mood, but as a group of now 5 standing together as a team we had to believe everything could be the course until we Actually found the real course and so I said "Well. We could ask her.. if she's still alive, I mean, there's alot of blood around here" while saying this I begin looking around for where she was laying, "Uhh.. Guys? Where is she?" I said with a certain shiver in my voice, "we all came to This point because this is where we heard her scream but where the heck could she be" I  held that to myself as a thought. Jack, Richard and Natalie were all discussing where she had gone to, I quickly glanced at them where I afterwards shook my head in a "Why don't you just go look for her?" kind of way, that's when it happened, I caught Emily's eyes and quickly after I discovered her skin was pale as a corpse, I began looking the same way as she did and I was shocked.

There she was, that woman we searched for, walking towards us with a mix of grey and dark green skin, her eyes were all light grey, whatever happened to her, she was definitely Not alive at this point. Jack, 'Dick' and Natalie turned their heads towards her when she made this growling sound. I looked sceptically on her and tried to speak to her "Hello? Are you okay?" I took a step towards her, only to be greeted by a loud growl and her dead eyes staring directly at me.

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