Brother's Bestfriend with Benefits

Katherine is Niall Horan's little sister and you'll have to read to know the rest ;D


3. Truth or Dare and a furious older brother

*One Week Later*
Niall's POV
Harry and Kate have become closer friends and I really hope there is nothing between them.I have noticed they have been sleeping with each other and at first I thought they would just fall asleep watching a film or something,so I would brush it off.Lately though,I have become suspicious.For example,Louis kept making comments about the two of them which would cause Katherine to tense a bit and Harry to shoot daggers at Louis.Tonight I will talk to Kate and Harry to see if they do have something going on.

Katherine's POV
Ever since being walked in on twice Harry and I have become more secretive although with Louis always making snarky comments it is becoming difficult.I am just relieved my brother is oblivious to almost everything! I have been thinking it over about a thousand times this week and I think tomorrow night Harry and I will take it a little farther than a heated make out session.

*Later that night*

Liam sat the empty bottle in the middle of our circle as Louis out a hand on it to spin.We were starting our game of truth or dare that we have once a week.Niall doesn't really like me playing because he knows how far the boys will go and since I'm the only girl and his little sister he has to go all protective brother and ruin our fun but we have had our ways around it sometimes.Anyway back to the game Louis spun and it landed on Niall. "I'll go with truth." Niall said taking probably the safer route even though it is Louis. "Ok who is the girl you keep talking too on the phone at night?" Niall blushed and smiled shyly. "Aw Nialler who is your whittle girlyfriend?" I asked in a baby voice while pinching his cheeks.He slapped my hand away then laughed. "Her name is Aria." "I like that name.How old is she?" I asked. "20" "OoOoO Niall is going after the older women." Zayn exclaimed.We all laughed and Niall just blushed deeper. "Alright let's get back to the game." I said.We played for about another ten minutes until Louis spun the bottle and it landed on me.I thought it would be fun to take a chance with Louis and say Dare because everyone else would pussy out and say truth. "Dare.I said with a cocky smile.Louis caught my cocky grin and glanced toward Harry and then back at me with a devious grin.Shit I forgot he knew about mine and Harry's deal. "Ok I dare you to make a banana split.." "Heck I'll take that dare." Niall butted in smiling.Louis laughed evily.Shit. "Ah Ah I wasn't done....aaand you have to make it on Harry's stomach and eat all of it." Harry sent me a cheeky wink while Niall looked like he was about to strangle Louis and Harry.I laughed. "That's all you got Tomlinson? I'll be right back I guess." I said walking towards the kitchen to grab the stuff.I grabbed a banana,whipped cream,cherries,and chocolate syrup.I walked back in and sat next to Harry.Harry pulled off his shirt. "You know you won't need that banana" Harry said winking at me.Niall was about to explode.If looks could kill I think Harry would be 12 ft. under by now.I sliced the banana and placed them in a little circle around his belly button.I then sprayed whipped cream over the banana's causing Harry to shiver from the cold cream.I then drizzled chocolate syrup on it.I leaned down and licked the whipped cream and syrup off the bananas.I sat up and saw Harry biting his lip and the other boys trying not to bust out laughing and Niall's red angered face.I swear I could've seen steam come out of his ears.I leaned down again and ate the banana's. "Done!" I exclaimed smiling. "Finally!" Niall huffed.I rolled my eyes and sat down beside Louis and Harry.Harry looked at me and winked and then we continued for another ten minutes until the dares got boring.I yawned and pulled Harry up as I stood up. "C'mon Haz let's go to bed." We were halfway up the stairs when Niall yelled after me. "Why are you to sleeping in the same bed so much?" "Haz is my snuggle buddy!" I called going into my room.I went into my bathroom and pulled my long dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail and then brushed my teeth.I walked out of the bathroom to see Harry laying in bed already starting The Breakfast Club. "How did you know The Breakfast Club is my favorite 80's movie ever?!" I squealed smiling brightly. "I just picked a random movie." Harry said shrugging.I nodded and then hopped in bed and snuggled close to Harry's bare chest.

*After The Movie*
"Don't you forget about me." The tv sang as the end credits rolled on the tv.I shut the tv off and faced Harry,getting comfortable in his secure grip.Harry shut his eyes and I finally made my decision.I leaned close to his ear and whispered, "You know I forgot one ingredient down there for that dare." He smirked but kept his eyes closed. "And what ingredient would that be?" He asked smiling. "The cherry." I whispered again.He made a confused face but it changed when I whispered the next thing. "Maybe I could give it to you tomorrow so the dare will be fulfilled." I whispered seductively.His eyes shot open. "W-what?" He stuttered. "You heard me." I whispered laying my head in his chest.He started playing with my ponytail. "Let me take you on a date tomorrow." I looked up at him with a confused face. "I thought we were just friends with benefits nothing more?" "I know but I want to make your first time special." I mentally awwed at that. "But what if after our "date" one of us develops feelings towards the other." "I wouldn't complain." Harry said smiling.Cue the next mental AWW.i nodded my head yes and then we fell asleep.
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