Brother's Bestfriend with Benefits

Katherine is Niall Horan's little sister and you'll have to read to know the rest ;D


1. The start of it all

Katherine's POV
When I got home I was bouncing off the walls because 1.It's Friday!! And 2.Niall is coming home tomorrow!! I haven't seen Niall in six months and he is bringing his band mates and I haven't seen them since X Factor,well besides Harry when he came home with Niall the last time.I ran up to my room and flopped on my bed.I was texting my best friend Hannah when Niall called me.
*Phone Call*
K:Sup Brotha?!
N:Hey Sis you are home right?
K:Ya I just got home from school why?
N:Well I ordered something online and I wanted to make sure someone was home to get it
K:Oh no problem.I will be waiting by the door with great anticipation. (Hint the sarcasm)
N:Haha ok sis you have fun with that I have to finish packing and then I'll see ya soon
K:Ok! I can't wait to see you!
N:Can't wait to see you too.Bye Kate.
K:Bye Ni!

*End of phone conversation*

After I hung up with Niall I turned up my stereo and since my mom and stepdad won't be home till after work around five thirty I blasted my music. "SHOW ME WHAT YOUR ALL ABOUT YEAAAHHH!" *Ding* ugh. Why do doorbells have to rain on my dance party?I turned down my stereo and walked downstairs to the front door.I opened it and saw a guy with a dark blue hoodie on and red ray bans.He looked up and smiled.He had braces.Wait!Before I could process anything the mystery guy spoke up. "Delivery". I squealed and jumped into his arms. "NIALL!!! I can't believe you are here already.I thought you were packing.Oh my gosh this is the best surprise ever!!" I rambled as Niall just hugged me and laughed.I pulled away and didn't notice I had tears coming out until Niall wiped them away. "Calm down sis it's ok" "Sorry it's just that I haven't seen you in so long and I'm just so overwhelmed and happy that your finally here!" We hugged again and I heard a click. "Awww brother sister moment!" Louis said while typing away on his phone.Niall sighed. "You're putting that on twitter aren't ya Lou?" "Yep!" Just then my phone vibrated.I unlocked and looked at what Louis tweeted. "@Louis_Tomlinson:Awww Brother Sister moment between the Horans! @NiallOfficial @VolleyballKate"
I retweeted it and so did a lot of directioners.My mentions then started blowing up.I decided to check it after my volleyball game tonight.Oh Crap! I have a volleyball game in two hours.
I greeted all the boys and then raced inside.I was halfway up the stairs when Niall called after me. "Kate what are you rushing around for?" I went to the top of the steps and looked down at him."I have a volleyball game in two hours and I have to be there in an hour!" "So all you have to do is get your uniform on and your done? You have plenty of time." "My volleyball spandex are still in the washer,I have to eat dinner,and I have to pull my hair up!" I said running downstairs towards the laundry room to check to see if my spandex were done.They still had five minutes left in the washer and twenty minutes in the dryer.I walked back upstairs and pulled my hair up then pulled my jersey on and then my team shirt and some sweats.I walked back downstairs and threw my spandex in the dryer.I went into the kitchen to see the five boys talking and joking around. "Sorry I only gave you guys a short hello I was kind of panicking." I slightly laughed towards the boys.Niall chuckled. "Kind of? Ok spaz." I rolled my eyes and then walked over to the fridge. "So what have you boys been doing since the last time we texted?" I asked while digging out my dinner.They all mumbled a nothing. "Wow you guys have such interesting lives!" I laughed. "Well you should know what we are doing from all the rumors and tabloids." Harry said laughing slightly. "Oh yeah Harry how is your perfect relationship with miss Swift?" I asked stifling a laugh.Harry glared at me while the other boys "Ooed" or shouted "BURN". I smiled with victory and started eating my PBJ and my Nutrigrain bar. "Please don't tell me that is your dinner?" Niall asked.I swallowed the last of my sandwich. "Yeah during sports I have to stay healthy.You should know this by now." "Yeah but your basically starving yourself!" He exclaimed. "Niall there is no need to go all dad mode on me.Trust me this is what I always eat for dinner during sports and I am still at the weight I am supposed to be." "Ok ok whatever do what you want I guess." "Thank you.Now are you guys going to my game tonight or do you guys need to unpack?" "We can unpack tomorrow." Liam spoke up smiling. "Ok just sit at the back of the bleachers and well you guys know what to do in public places." They nodded and then the dryer buzzed.I excused myself and then went to the dryer to get my spandex.I tossed my sweats off and then wiggled into my black spandex.I walked out and the boys' eyes bugged out of their heads well except for Niall because he has already seen my volleyball uniform plenty of times. "Take a picture it will last longer." I said smiling. "You can't go out like that!You basically have nothing on!" Liam said astonished. "Relax Li it is my volleyball uniform and all the girls wear them so try and control yourselves." I said with a wink.Niall rolled his eyes and the boys finally stopped staring at me.I looked at the clock and it read 5 p.m.I decided to meet Hannah and Kelsey there early so we could work on spiking. "Hey guys I'm going to leave early so my friends and I can work on spiking before the game." "Ok have fun see ya at 7:30" Niall exclaimed as I slipped on my Nike sandals and exited the house.I then texted Hannah and Kelsey.
To:Kelsaay;D, HannahBanana;)
Hey wanna work on spiking before the game? Meet at the main gym in twenty?
Sounds good just let me finish playing Skyrim
Haha ok...Go Elf Hannah! XD
Shells yeah!
I laughed and then I received a message from Kelsey.
Ok cool I will prob be there in thirty because Louis stole my jersey! D:
I laughed so hard at that.And no she didn't mean Louis Tomlinson she was talking about her five year old basest hound Louis.
Haha ok and tell Louis to hurry and give it back!! XD
Will do :)

I arrived at the school and walked inside to the main gym where Hannah was already waiting. "Hay gurl hay!!" I yelled running up to her. "Vas Happening?!" She yelled back.Yes Hannah is a huge Directioner and we quote them all the time.(We are cool I swear)I laughed and then sat on the bleachers so I could put on my court shoes.Once I had them tied I walked into the athletic closet and grabbed the two baskets with our volleyballs in it.I wheeled them into the gym and took one out.Hannah and I started spiking a few times when Kelsey walked in.We greeted each other and then Kelsey joined in.After a while we just passed to each other. "Wow you guys can really play eh?" Zayn said teasingly.We turned around to see the five smiling boys.Hannah and Kelsey went wide-eyed and squealed just the slightest bit.Oh yeah I forgot they have only met Niall and Harry.I laughed at their reactions and then ran and gave Niall a hug.After we pulled apart I dragged the girls over. "Boys this is Hannah and this is Kelsey." I said pointing to each girl. "And I already think you two know who the boys are." I said smiling.They introduced themselves and I think Hannah was about to explode when Zayn hugged her.After Kelsey hugged Liam she leaned towards me and whispered, "Liam's nose is even cuter in person." I laughed at how she was so fascinated by Liam's nose.After my little laughing fit I turned towards the group. "Ok well we can just hang out until the rest of the girls get here if ya want to" "Sure!" The girls said maybe a little to excitedly.I laughed and then walked over to the bleachers to pull out my phone. "Hey wanna pass a bit?" Niall asked.I nodded and was about to ask the girls but they were too caught up in talking to Liam and Zayn.I picked up a ball and Louis and Harry decided to play to.Eventually all of us were passing and the boys may have gone a tad overboard.Oh who am I kidding within five minutes the boys grabbed the rest of the balls and we were in a dodgeball war.As soon as the rest of the team started coming in,the boys picked up the balls and pulled up their hoods.They sat on the bleachers and luckily none of my teammates made a big deal about them being here since they weren't huge directioners.Well except for Briana but she only talked to them because she is known at our school as the biggest slut but,I know that the boys won't go after her because Zayn,Liam,and Louis are taken and Harry and Niall already know how big of a whore she is.
We started our before game practice with stretches and net drills.We then partnered up and warmed our arms up.After that the other team arrived.They have a very good team but I think our team has a really good chance against them.This is the last game of the season so it's pretty important to me that we go out with a bang.A half hour later the game started.Our team won the coin toss and I was first to serve.I served five aces in a row and on my eight serve I hit the net so the ball went over to the other team and Kelsey went in my spot on the court.As I came off the court my stepdad came over and sat behind me.He leaned down and started to talk to me. "Hey great job out there but make sure you control it because on your fourth and fifth serve they kind of went a little too high.You are doing great so far.Keep it up Kat." He whispered and then went back to sit with my mom.I looked over at my mom and she gave me a thumbs up and smiled.I smiled and turned back to the game.Once Kelsey rotated up to the front row I went in for her.I love playing front row because when I get to spike it I feel so powerful.
*Towards the end of the game*
My team won the first match and then lost the third so now we are tied 14-14 and the other team is currently serving.This is our last chance to win so I was on edge.The other team served it and I dove for it and passed it to Briana,our setter but she decided to be Miss Superstar so instead of passing it to someone in the front row like she should she thought of trying to spike it over but guess what?She hit the net and lost the game for us.I was on the verge of tears because this was our last chance to shine and Briana just had to fucking mess it up for us.We congratulated the other team and I ran off the court towards my stuff.Niall came up next to me as I was taking off my court shoes.I turned towards him and I felt a tear roll down my face.Niall engulfed me in one of his famous "Horan Hugs" as I held onto him for dear life as I cried my heart out. "Shhh Shh don't cry Kate it wasn't your fault.You still kicked ass out there." He said trying to cheer me up. "I know it wasn't but this game meant so much to me." "I know it did its ok you can win next year." Niall released me as I wiped my tears.Niall slung his arm around me and rubbed circles on my back.He didn't say anything else as we walked out to my car.This is why he is the best brother ever because he knows just how to comfort me.The other boys took Niall's car since Niall was going to ride with me.I hopped in the drivers seat and took a deep breath.The whole ride home Niall made stupid jokes to try and cheer me up.I laughed at his lame attempts.I'm so glad he came home early.

Niall's POV
It hurt me to see her so sad.On the way home Liam texted me.
Hey is Katherine ok?
Yeah she is fine she was just upset that her team lost the last game of the season.
Oh ok good because the boys and I were worried
Thanks for the concern but she is ok :)
Don't you mean Tanks? XD
Haha very funny....pick on the Irish kid why dontcha? -_-
We arrived home and Kate went straight to the shower then to bed.Poor girl's probably worn the heck out.The boys and my mum and stepdad arrived shortly after.The boys and I decided to just relax and watch the Telly while my mum and stepdad went to bed.

Katherine's POV
I took a shower and then went in my room to call Brent.
*Phone Convo*
B:Hey babe
B:What's wrong?You sound like you have been crying.
K:I have been crying but it was because we lost our volleyball game
B:Aw I'm sorry honey but I bet you kicked ass
K:haha Niall said the same thing
B:Your brother is home already I thought he wasn't coming home till tomorrow?
K:He surprised me today
B: Oh cool well I'm going to go to bed baby so I'll text ya in the morning
K:Ok bye love you
B:Bye love you to

After I hung up I watched tv for a little while before someone crept into my room.I turned my head to see the one and only Harry Styles. "Hey the boys are asleep so is it ok if I hang out with you?" "Yeah sure I'm wide awake anyway." He nodded and then came and sat on my bed. "Want to watch a movie?" I asked.He nodded and then I walked over to my DVD shelf and picked out The Vow.I know Harry is a guy but I know for a fact he has a soft spot for chick flicks.I popped in the movie then went back into my bed. "What are we watching?" Harry asked as the DVD player started up. "The Vow." I replied simply. "Oh cool I haven't seen it."

By the end of the movie I was tears and I even think Harry's eyes watered a bit.I wiped away my tears and then turned towards Harry. "What do you want to do now?" I asked questioningly. "Wanna play a game?" "Like what?" "Truth or Dare." "Ok" "Alright Truth or Dare?" I thought for a moment. "Truth." I said trying to play it safe. "Would you ever kiss me?" "Yeah if I didn't have a boyfriend." I said trailing off at the end. "What if you just forgot about your boyfriend for thirty seconds?" "What are you getting at Styles?" "This." He said as he leaned in.I felt myself leaning in to until our lips pressed together.His lips tasted sweet yet rough.I knew this was wrong but his lips were so addictive.He swiped his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance.I don't know what had come over me but I let him in.We made out for another five minutes before I felt myself leaning more on top of him until he was lying down with me on top.I eagerly took off his shirt as he took off mine.I don't know why I am doing such a wrong thing but it gave me an adrenaline rush.I was about to take our pants off when the door swung open. "Oh sorry I was looking for-WHAT THE FUCK?!" I quickly jumped off Harry as I looked to see who had rudely interrupted.I was kind of thankful though because what exactly was I about to do with Harry when I have a boyfriend?Louis stood by the door with wide eyes and his mouth was dropped to the floor. "You'll catch flies Lou." Harry said casually. "Harry what the fuck were you and Katherine about to do when you know she has a boyfriend?!" Louis shouted. "Louis Shh I don't want the others to know about this ok?" I whisper shouted. "And we were just having fun and I know it's wrong but Brent never wants to do anything fun like that and I guess Harry was there to fulfill....uh my needs." I explained frantically.Harry just smirked while Louis stood there in awe. "Look I will tell Brent right now if you just promise to not tell anyone especially Niall." Louis nodded while he glared at us.It was one o'clock in the morning so I thought he wouldn't answer but he did. "H-hello?" Brent asked out of breath.What the? "Hey babe um I have something to tell you." I heard a girls moan come from his end of the conversation. "Brent are you with someone right now?" He cleared his throat and then spoke again. "N-no that must've been the tv you heard." "Oh ok well....I..uh..kind of made out with someone." "Oh well...uh I think we should break up because I kind of cheated on you to." He said and then I realized that moan didn't come from the tv. "Ok have fun with your fake ass bimbo you have over bye." I hung up and turned towards the boys. "I told him and turns out he was cheating too so Louis are ya happy now?" I asked smiling.I am super happy I didn't have to feel guilty and get bitched out by him.Our relationship was skating on thin ice anyway. "Yeah I guess I will leave you two alone but next time lock your door." He laughed while leaving.I ran to him in the hallway remembering something. "Louis please please don't tell anyone." He nodded then smiled. "Your secret is safe with me." I sighed relieved and then went back to my room.I shut the door behind me and saw Harry sitting on my bed smiling like an idiot. "So can I ask you something Harry?" He nodded. "Do you want a relationship or do you just kind of want to be uh..." "Friends with Benefits?" He asked smiling.I nodded smiling.This is going so much easier than i thought it would be.He got up from my bed and kissed me.We pulled away. "I will take that as a yes." I said which made Harry and I start to laugh.I laid down and he laid by my side and I cuddled into his chest.We started kissing and then that turned into another heated make out session.We pulled away trying to catch our breaths as we drifted off to sleep.
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