Brother's Bestfriend with Benefits

Katherine is Niall Horan's little sister and you'll have to read to know the rest ;D


4. The special date

*The next day(Saturday morning)*
*Katherine's POV*
I woke up and loosed out of Harry's death grip and then went in the bathroom and did my normal morning routine.I walked out of the bathroom and got dressed in salmon colored skinny jeans and a plain white lacey top.I then slipped on my silver sparkly TOMS.I texted Hannah and Kelsey asking if they wanted to have a girls day.They agreed and I went downstairs to get some breakfast.I ran into Niall in the kitchen and he looked at me for a second. "What?" "Did you and Harry do anything last night?" Niall asked firmly.I rolled my eyes. "Seriously Niall do I have to spell it out for you? Me.And.Harry.Are.Just.Friends." I said pausing after each word.I wasn't lying,Harry and I are just friends just we kiss here and there...and maybe a little more.Niall sighed then nodded his head. "I am going to have a girls day with some of my friends.I will be back around five or so." "Ok me and the boys are going to the club tonight so I won't be home till late." I nodded my head then grabbed my car keys and left to go to the spa to meet my friends.

Around eleven,when we were getting wonderful foot massages I received a text from Harry.
Hey don't worry I'm not going to the club tonight with the boys so when the boys leave we are leaving :) (The boys will leave around seven or eight)

Sounds good!...can't wait for tonight ;)

Now now don't get too excited ;D
I giggled and the girls looked at me weirdly.I blushed. "Oh sorry just got a text." Hannah raised her eyebrows. "Now who would make you giggle like a little schoolgirl?" "If I tell you will not tell anyone and when I say anyone...I mean it." "Okay okay tell us!" Kelsey asked eagerly. "Okay calm your tits I'm going to tell you.I was texting Harry." "What?! Are you guys dating?Have you kissed yet?" "No we are not dating....but we have kissed and...maybe a little more." I said the last part quietly. "OH MY SHELLS!!" Hannah exclaimed. "Did you give him your. V-card?!" Kelsey asked in a whisper. "Not yet..." "What do you mean not yet? When will you?!!" Hannah was so spastic I swear she almost blew up! "Tonight...." I said quietly and I felt my cheeks flare. "OH MY GOD!!! HARRY STYLES IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR VI-" I slapped my hand over Kelsey's mouth. "Will you shut the fuck up? I don't want the whole world to know about it." I exclaimed.Kelsey nodded and then I took my hand off her mouth.I then explained the whole Harry thing and they were gobsmacked to say the least.We finished at the spa around one and I feel soo relaxed.We then walked around the mall and even went to the movies to see 'Pitch Perfect'.That movie was hilarious.Fat Amy or Fat Patricia is freaking funny as hell! We then walked to our cars and went our separate ways.When I arrived home Hannah and Kelsey both texted me.
Be safe ;D (And get Zayn's # for me!)
I laughed and replied with Zayn's number.She called me and fangirled so much I thought I went def from her squeals.I read Kelsey's.
Scan through Dark again so you will know what to do ;D
I about laughed my lungs out at that.Dark is a Harry fanfic that I may or may not have read.(Teehee I totally read that thing in like five hours)I replied and then went in the living room to see the lads sprawled out on the couch. "Hi guys!" I said smiling.They all mumbled a hello or a hi.Thirty minutes later and they were leaving for the club. "Why are you guys leaving so is only five thirty." "We are gonna get a bite to eat and have some guy time then we will go to the club." "Oh ok.Wait where is Harry?" I asked playing dumb. "He threw up so he can't come." "Oh ok. Don't worry Nurse Katherine will take care of him!" Hehe I will take care of him alright. "Yeah I'm sure you will take great care of him." Louis said smirking.Damnit Louis.Thankfully Niall didn't hear that so I was spared another brotherly lecture.Once they pulled out of the drive way I was about to sprint upstairs but my vibrating phone stopped me.

I know what you and Harry are doing he told me everything.Be safe! I'm sure Niall would love to know huh?

I won't tell him calm your tits.But make sure there will be no little Harry and Kate's running around
I gulped.Shit what if I get pregnant? No no that won't happen.I have been on the pill since I was fifteen and Harry will use protection.We will be fine.I put my phone away and sprinted up the stairs.I ran into my room and landed on the bed next to Harry.He smiled and leaned in.Our little kiss turned into a heated make-out session.I pulled away after a few minutes. "Ah it for tonight Styles." I said winking while lifting up off the bed.He but his lip and smiled.I pulled him off the bed and shooed him out so I could get ready.Apparently Harry is taking me to a drive in movie then bowling and then back home.I am so excited because he didn't do anything fancy which is perfect since I hate fancy places.I changed into a mid- thigh light blue dress with silver beads dotting over it.I re-did my makeup and then walked out of my room to see Harry dressed in tight skinny jeans and a nice yellow shirt. "You look beautiful." He whispered as we walked out the front door.I blushed and thanked him.We pulled up to the bowling alley and played three games.Harry won two and I won the last one.It was now eight o'clock at night and the movie would start in a half hour.We drove twenty minutes to the theater and we talked through the previews.The movie finally started we were watching 'Ted'.Halfway through the movie Harry did the cliche yawn and stretch to put his arm around me.I giggled and scooted closer to him. "You know you didn't have to do that right?" I asked giggling.He looked at me and smiled. "I know I just wanted to hear you laugh." He said while leaning down to kiss me.It was sweet kiss filled with passion We finished Ted and then we drove home.I was getting more excited and nervous by the minute.We arrived home and Harry opened my door.I got out and in one swift moment I was off my feet and in Harry's arms bridal style.He opened the front door and kissed me sweetly.We held onto the kiss as he climbed up the stairs to my bedroom.Before he opened my door he pulled away from our kiss. "Are absolutely sure you want to do this?" He asked in a low voice.I smiled up at him. "110%" I said grinning a toothy smile. "That's all I needed to hear." He said before opening my door.And that's when the clothes came off and the fun started....

*Niall's POV*
The boys and I went clubbing and I only had two shots and a beer.I didn't feel like drinking that much.However Louis and Zayn were so drunk I will be surprised if they didn't get alcohol poison.Liam had a few shots and he was a little tipsy but he wasn't bad.Louis and Zayn stumbled over towards us,arms arou d each other obnoxiously laughing.Louis came up to me. "Hey b-blondie wanna get ou-outta here?" Louis slurred with a wink.I laughed so hard my lungs probably disappeared. "C'mon Lou I think you have had one too many." He nodded and Liam grabbed Zayn.We called a cab and were home within five minutes.We stepped inside and we heard a slam.'Thats odd' I wondered but it could have been Katherine being her clumsy self and falling.I went to my room and passed out.But before I closed my eyes finally I heard another slam.Whatever probably just Louis stumbling around.

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