Brother's Bestfriend with Benefits

Katherine is Niall Horan's little sister and you'll have to read to know the rest ;D


2. Mr.Gullible Horan

Katherine's POV
"Harry Edward Styles why the fuck do you have your arms around my little sister?!" I woke up to the wonderful yelling of my angered older brother.I felt Harry shoot up out of bed and I lazily sat up. "All you guys fell asleep last night so I came up here to hang out with Kate and we must have fallen asleep during the movie." Harry covered for us.Technically though he wasn't lying he just left out some details that I would rather not tell Niall and I don't think Harry would either.Niall gave a look of disbelief towards me. "What movie did you watch?" Niall asked with victory as though he had caught us. "The Vow and you can even look in the DVD player because it is still in there.God Niall why can't you trust me?I'm 17 freaking years old and it is ok for me to have guys as friends!" I yelled at Niall with pure anger.His face softened and he nodded his head and walked out.I huffed and flopped back down on my bed.I soon felt a weight above me.I opened my eyes to see Harry hovering above me.His curls curtained around his face as he held that famous smirk that could make all the girls swoon. "Feisty...I like it." He said giving a cheeky grin showing his dimples.I laughed and leaned up to his face with our lips centimeters apart. "Just kiss me." I said with want dripping off my every word.He chuckled. "Your wish is my command." He then pressed his warm lips against mine.His tongue was soon pushed into my mouth as we fought for dominance.After about a minute he won.I slid my hand down to the hem of Harry's shirt pulling it off. "Hey Kate listen I just wanted to apol- WHAT THE HELL?!" Harry jumped off of me to face a very angry Niall.Niall grabbed onto Harry's shoulders and forcefully slammed him against my bedroom door making it crash on the wall. "Why the hell were you shagging my sister?!" Niall's angry voice bellowed. "We weren't having sex Niall." Harry said quietly. "You were about to if I hadn't walked in on you two!" Niall yelled while slamming Harry against the door once more.Harry flinched and I was now standing next to Niall. "Niall we weren't going to go that far.We were just caught up in the moment." I explained calmly trying to bring down his anger.Niall looked at me and he released Harry from his grip. "Good he is not being your first." Niall mumbled. "Niall!" I exclaimed embarrassed. "What?" "Seriously Harry is right there!" I whined trying to hide my bright red cheeks. "So?" I huffed and dragged Niall into the hallway.I shoved Niall into the hallway and then turned back to Harry. "Excuse us for a moment."
Harry's POV
Katherine shoved Niall out into the hallway and was now whisper yelling at him. "Niall you can't just say I'm a virgin in front of one of my guy friends.Do you know how embarrassing that is?!" "Well you are so I don't see the problem.It is not like that will affect yours and Harry's friendship because he isn't going to be doing anything with you." "I know.I know.But I would still react like this if you said it in front of any of the other boys!" I didn't think her being a virgin was embarrassing.I was relieved to know no other guy had touched her.Kate and Niall came back in and Niall looked at us suspiciously. "Nothing is going on between you two and nothing will right?" Niall asked keeping a suspicious gaze on us.We both nodded and he smiled and left. "I'm so glad my brother is oblivious and gullible." Katherine laughed. "So am I." I whispered in her ear while kissing down her neck.She pulled away. "Ah.Ah loverboy we will continue this later." She said with a wink while trying to push me out the door. "Can't I just cuddle wif you?" I asked in a baby voice while giving her puppy dog eyes and sticking out my bottom lip.Kate hesitated thinking it over but she looked at my pleading eyes and caved. "Fine but you can't sleep naked." Kate said with a slight laugh at the end.I did a little victory dance while Kate watched and laughed.I stopped dancing and Kate was trying to catch her breath from laughing so hard.Let me tell you this.She definitely inherited the Horan hearty laugh.I pulled off my jeans as she was changing into basketball shorts and a tank top.We climbed in bed and cuddled up close to each other.She turned on the DVD player and started Finding Nemo. "I love this movie!" I said while we shifted positions to see the tv.I threw my arm around her as she laid her head on my chest and placed one hand across my chest.We laughed throughout the movie until we fell asleep just after Nemo stopped the filtration system in the fish tank.
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