Brother's Bestfriend with Benefits

Katherine is Niall Horan's little sister and you'll have to read to know the rest ;D


6. A fun ending to a special night

Katherine's POV
Tonight is the night Harry is taking me on a date.I am so happy Niall isn't mad anymore.In my honest opinion I think Harry and I rushed it a bit but,we have known each other for a long time so I'm okay with rushing into it.Even though we rushed into it we agreed to take our relationship slow.
I am now getting ready for our date.Harry said that we weren't going anywhere fancy so I could dress however I wanted.I was thankful for that because I honestly hate fancy places and I think a dinner date is boring.Harry told me that we are going to my favorite frozen yogurt place and then from then on its a surprise.I put on a pair of high waisted shorts and a red plaid button up shirt.I applied foundation and then some mascara.I don't really like wearing a lot of make-up and Harry thinks I look better without it.I had Hannah come over and help me curl my hair since I can't do hair to save my life.After she curled my hair we were talking for about ten minutes when we heard a knock on the door. "Yeah" I shouted to whoever was outside my door.The door creaked open and Niall walked in. "Haz is downstairs waiting." He said quickly before walking out.Hannah and I stood up and Hannah frantically touched up my hair to perfection.I was actually nervous and I have no idea why.I shakily added finishing touches and put in my gold earrings.I pulled on my converse and walked down the steps making sure not to trip.I reached the bottom stair and looked up to see a smiling Harry.He was wearing black skinny jeans and blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and it was open revealing a white undershirt.He walked up to me and put his arm around my waist. "Ready to go babe?" He asked smiling.I nodded not trusting what my mouth would say.We were almost out the door when we heard Zayn shout, "Use protection!".I then heard a thump and Zayn saying ow so most likely Niall didn't like that comment.I laughed and we headed to his car.He opened my door like a true gentlemen and I sat down and waited for him to get in.He started the car and drove out of the parking lot.He placed his hand on mine and I started smiling like an idiot at the shocks of electricity pulsing through me.We drove there in silence but,it was a comfortable silence.We were almost there when Harry said, "You look very beautiful tonight." I blushed and looked down. "You don't look too bad yourself." I said laughing.He smirked and got out of the car and rushed over to my side to open my door. "Thanks." "Shall we go?" He asked in a posh accent. "We shall." I said smiling.We walked into the frozen yogurt place and got our food.I got peanut butter yogurt with chocolate chips,mango and peach bobas and whipped cream and Harry got strawberry yogurt with peach bobas,chocolate sauce and whipped cream.We talked and ate our yogurt.Surprisingly we never ran out of things to talk or laugh about. "Hey you got a little whipped cream on your cheek." Harry said smirking.I blushed and wiped my right cheek. "Did I get it." "No here let me." He then took his finger and smeared whipped cream on my cheek.I glared at him. "Got it." He laughed.I was about to wipe it off when Harry came beside me. "I'll clean it up babe." He then kissed my cheek getting the whipped cream off.I blushed an even deeper red.Damn this boy makes me blush a lot doesn't he? He sat back down. "Oh and your really cute when you blush." "Stop your going to make me blush more." I said while blushing harder. "That's a good thing because then you will be even more cuter." "Haaarry." I whined while covering my beat red cheeks.Harry just laughed. "Aw honey I'm sorry...forgive me?" He said while hugging me.I rolled my eyes playfully. "I guess I can forgive you." "Yay!!" He exclaimed.I giggled and we tossed our empty cups in the trash and walked out to his car. "So now where are we going?" I asked once we got in the car. "Art museum." He said while smirking. "Wait...isn't that closed after eight?" I asked confused. "Ya I rented it out tonight." He said simply. "Harry! That had to have cost a fortune!!" "Like I don't have the money for it." He said chuckling. "You didn't have to spend so much money on me ya know." "Ya but if it makes you happy it's worth the cost." He said with a sincere smile.I swear if he wasn't driving right now I would attack him with a million hugs and kisses.I smiled shyly and looked out the window.Ten minutes later we arrived at the Radcliffe Art Museum.Harry opened my door and we walked up to the front door.He held the door open and I walked inside.I stood frozen in awe at the painting in the main entrance.This was only the entrance and I was already amazed.Harry walked up behind me and wrapped his muscular arms around my slim waist and he rested his chin on my shoulder. "Let's go over here babe." Harry said taking my hand and guiding me to a different section of the gallery. "Stay here and look around and I will be right back." Harry told me. "Ok but what are you doing?" "Just getting the rest of our date started." He said smiling.I nodded. "Be back in a sec." He said kissing my cheek and walking off to god knows where.I walked over to a painting of a woman crying and what looked like a mask was lying next to her.The mask looked like a happier expression of her face.I couldn't help but stare in awe and the brilliancy of the painting.It shows how people put on an act to the rest of the world and hide their emotions.The woman looked so broken and hurt but yet the face she puts on makes her look like a strong,happy person.I looked at a few other paintings when I heard soft music start to play.Harry walked out and stretched his hand out to me. "May I have this dance?" He asked smiling.I nodded and took his outstretched hand.He wrapped his hands around my waist and I put mine around his neck.I looked up to meet his bright green eyes and he looked into my icy blue ones and smiled a loving smile.We swayed back and forth just looking into each others eyes.The song ended and Harry placed a delicate kiss on my forehead.I hugged him and as I placed my head against his chest I could hear his heart beating. "Thank you." "For what?" He whispered. "For doing all this just for me." "A perfect girl needs a perfect date right?" He asked smiling.I smiled and just hugged him tighter.

*4 hours later (around 2 a.m.)*
After Harry and I walked around the massive art museum for another two hours he decided it was a good idea to have a little alcohol.Well,a little turned into twenty-four shots between the two of us.We stumbled back to my house since the bar was only a five minute walk away.We stepped up to the door and I turned around to Harry and held my finger to my lips while saying "shhh".He smiled and said "shhh" while pressing his lips to mine.He pulled away and I giggled while he kept saying "shhh". We walked (or should I say tumbled) into the living room.We plopped on the couch and not even two seconds later,Harry stood up and wobbled towards the kitchen.I was confused so I followed him.When I walked in I was even more confused.Harry had a bottle of vodka in one hand and a lime in the other. "What are you d-doing?" I slurred while giggling.He looked up at me and smiled. "I wanna d-do a body shot but y-our salt ran away." He said frowning.I giggled loudly. "I can help you f-find it!" I yelled.We then began to search feverishly around the kitchen for the salt.I finally found it in the top cabinet to the right of the stove.I turned around giggling madly. "Harrrrrreeeeh I found ze salt!" I yelled but instead of finding a smiling,shitfaced Harry,I stumbled over a passed out Harry.I fell on top of him and started giggling again.I looked up to the still passed out Harry to see the salt flew all over Harry.I giggled and then passed out on a salt covered Harry.

*Niall's POV*
I woke up around 2:45 in the morning to the sound of I think Kate yelling.I wiped my sleepy face and stepped out of bed.I slowly trudged downstairs and walked into the living room to see no one so I went to check the kitchen.What I saw confused me and kind of angered me.I saw Kate lying on top of Harry who was covered in....salt?I then saw a bottle of Vodka on its side on the counter.I also found limes strewn about the counter.I picked Kate up and just as I suspected she reeked of alcohol.I carried her to her room and gently laid her down.I covered her up and walked out, switching the light off on my way.I proceeded to the kitchen again and tried carrying Harry to his room.The key word here being tried.I gave up after five minutes and decided to just place him on the couch.I threw a throw blanket over him and went back to bed.

*The next morning*
*Harry's POV*
I woke up on Niall's couch with a pounding headache.Why does my head hurt so much?Oh yeah I got piss drunk last night with Kate.I slowly got off the couch and sleepily walked into the kitchen to try and find some ibuprofen.I opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed the bottle of ibuprofen.I took four pills out and poured a small glass of water.I downed the pills and sipped on the rest of my water.I decided to check up on Kate.I grabbed four more pills and filled a glass with water for her since she will probably have a horrid hangover as well.I walked slowly up the stairs and with every step pain pulsed up to my head.God I hope these pills kick in soon.I opened the door and saw Kate sat up in her bed clutching her head and stomach.I walked up to her and slowly sat beside her on her bed.She was startled at first and looked up then her face relaxed and she bowed her head again holding it in pain.I rubbed soothing circles on her back. "Here baby take these.It will help with your hangover." Kate took the pills and the glass of water.She downed the pills and then leaned back against her headboard. "How are feeling?" "Ugh" was all she replied with.I chuckled then embraced her and leaned her head against my chest.She snuggled farther into my chest only to bounce out of bed a second later.I didn't even have time to ask where she was going before she raced to the bathroom and threw all the alcohol from last night up.I walked in her bathroom to see her hunched over the toilet with a pained look on her face.I knelt beside her and grabbed a hair tie.I then pulled her hair up into a ponytail and rubbed her back in circles.After throwing up once more I helped her up and handed her her toothbrush with toothpaste on it.She brushed her teeth then hugged me tightly. "Why are you so amazing?" Kate asked softly.I smiled. "What do you mean?" I asked her. "Here you are with probably a horrid hangover like me yet you are taking care of me." I chuckled. "I will always be here to take care of you." She squeezed me tighter. "Thank you." She detached herself from me and then leaned up and kissed me softly. "I love you." She said sweetly. "I love you more." I said and then I placed a soft kiss on her temple.We walked to her bed and laid down,her snuggling into my chest while I hugged her to me tightly.A few moments later Niall walked in. "Mind telling me why the hell you two came home shitfaced and trashed the kitchen?" He asked with an amused look on his face.Kate and I started laughing. "Harry here wanted to do body shots and I guess we passed out." Kate said giggling. "How much did you drink before that?" Niall asked raising an eyebrow. "20 something shots between the both of us I think?" I said. "Atta girl Kate.I see you are keeping up the Horan name." Niall said winking then walking out.We both busted out laughing. "You think he would go ballistic and scold us for drinking so much." I said laughing. "Eh I guess it is just an Irish thing." Kate said shrugging.The rest of the day we just lazed around in her bed.Only getting up when one of the boys would walk in telling us when breakfast,lunch,and dinner were ready.
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