When the rose petal falls

Amber is living alone in a damp and cold house she has never left because her evil step dad is hunting for her to take her away as a servant. she doesnt think life is worth living untill she see's Jake the love of her life.But,will she be able to get out of the house without getting caught by her step dad.And will jake love her back.


1. Cold and alone

Amber sat in the corner of the dark and damp room, as she thought of all the things she wish could do like , playing outside and talking to friends. Amber had plain brown hair and hazel eyes she didnt smile much, well she had no reason to because she was stuck in this hell of a hole , wating for that one day when that one person came and rescued her.

Amber liked to fantasize of all the magical and happy endings but she never thought of them happening to her. She could try and do somthing with her life and go outside but....she has a stepdad who is hunting her down to use her as a servant.Her stepdad was evil after Amber and her mum Alexsis left him one night beacuse he kept drinking and hurting them.But, now Amber is alone and cannot protect herself from him because he is much stronger and could really hurt her.

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