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Tips of toes bruised, Arches perpendicular to stained floorboards. A cord tangled tight in those strangler's hands of yours.    The fluttering notes of an aria,  Crackling gently through the gramophone  To tickle the fibres swelling with sweat on a broken neck.   Purple, yellow shadows  Are puddles on aching, splitting skin  That dribbles and spits blood, bad blood, on marble toes.    My words are gagged,  They gurgle in my throat, and I feel bubbles burst  In my head. I see Death through paper eyelids and breathe him in.   You let go.    You halt my pendulum swing,  Grasp my wilting waist and, Death? He closes his pitying hand to me once more.    You lick my salt wounds,  Hold me close with searing palms Stand on my faltering feet and hiss delightedly:    'Oh just once more, my little doll,  Before we kiss goodnight! Let us dance the guillotine waltz To a corpse's lullaby.'
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