More Than This

Vanessa is an average American teenage girl With high hopes of making it big someday. Ever since Vanessa was 2 she wanted to become a professional singer. She will do anything to make her dream come true. Now that she is 18 and her and her friends stumble upon something that will connect her with the boys. Will it change her life? Will she fall for 1 of them maybe even 2?


4. Where Could He Be?

Zayn's P.O.V:

Mhmmm something felt odd. Like as if something was missing. The lads and I thought it would be fun to hang out in the sates a little bit over our little vacation from everything. We stayed at Harry's aunts house.

"Hey, you alright mate" Liam asked. they were all staring at me.
"Umm yea just feel like something is missing that's all" I said.
"You'll be alright you just need some rest maybe" Liam said.

" Nikki P.O.V:

I can't believe this! It is summer break and we just found Zayn Malik's wallet! THE Zayn Malik! Okay I need to calm down. After we found it Vanessa put the wallet in her purse and we headed to my house. We kind of got into a fight after we found it.

"Okay, so what do we do with it" Abby asked.
"Um...okay let me hold on to it than we can go to Nikki's house," Vanessa said.
"Wait, how come YOU get to hold it" Bailey asked. Sometimes Bailey can be really stubborn.
"'Cause we all know that I am the most responsible," Vanessa explained. We all became friends in 7th grade but we have been through a lot together. Bailey's mom died when we she was 15. It was in a car crash that we were all apart of. It all brought us closer together.

- Flashback -

We are all at Bailey's house. We are just hanging out but than we wanted to go to the mall. Vanessa parents were out of the state for business trip. Since we were 15 we were learning how to drive but Bailey's mom said she would take us.
" Hey mom were ready!!!" Bailey said. We were all heading down stairs. We saw here and got into the car. We got our stuff and headed out.
"Okay when we get there you girls go do what you do and I need to go to get some stuff there too" Bailey's mom said. We all call her Maura or mom. It's January and it is very COLD outside. Bailey lives in the country side and we couldn't see five feet in front of us. We are playing and singing alone One Direction's TAKE ME HOME album which is amaZAYNing! All the sudden the road got really bumpy and slippery.....

" Um mom whats going on" Bailey asked. All the sudden we see bright lights in front of us and a loud CRASH. The next thing I knew I blacked out.

Abby's P.O.V:

We got into a car crash. I was very dizzy when I woke up in a hospital. Um where am I? I saw my mom. She was sitting next to me. Terrified. My ankles were burning so much I felt like crying.

"Mom are you okay?" I said
"Oh sweetheart I was sooo worried about you!" I could tell she was crying.
"Is everyone else okay. Where are the girls?!" I would die if anything happened to my friends.
"Oh they are okay. Vanessa broke her arm. Bailey broke her leg and Nikki is in a coma."

I started crying because I cant believe this happened to us. Than it hit me. "Wait, what about Baileys mom?" Than my mom started crying really hard. My step dad was beside us holding my mother. I was too afraid to ask her what happened to Bailey's mother.

Vanessa's P.O.V:

I woke up in this white room. What just happened? I felt a lot of pain in my arm. It was in a fucking cast. The doctor walked in. "Oh great your awake!" She said with a smile.

"Um what happened. Where's my mom and where are my friends!?" My arm burned so much.

"Well Vanessa, you were apart of a very bad car accident. I was informed that your parents are out of that state for a business trip and they are fine. Now please get some sleep" She said with a calm tone.

"Oh okay" I just did what she said I was too tired to do anything. Before I went to bed I looked at the little infinity symbol on my left hand on the right side or my middle finger. All four of us have it on the same spot. Symbolizing our friendship.

Bailey's P.O.V:

God, I hate hospitals they are so depressing and full of sadness. I was on a hospital bed. Then, I saw my brother next to me crying. Whoa, he never cried.

"Um, Jack are you okay." He looked up looking with a pale face with red puffy eyes.
"Bailey! Thank god your awake" he came over and hugged me.
"Ow, easy there tiger." He grinned.
"Where's mom and dad?" He looked like someone punched him in the gut.
"Oh well, dad is in mom's room." Wait! I remember everything now we were in a car accident.
"Um how bad was the crash?" I asked very nervously.
"A car hit the side of mom's car and it rolled down a hill. Nikki fell out of the car on the way down. " he started crying. My best friends and my mom popped into my mind.
"How are they they are fine just a couple of broken bones."
"What about mom?" I asked.
"She's gone" my brother said. These were the words that changed my life.

Nikki's P.O.V:

Darkness. Darkness, is all you see when your in a coma. I was in a dark place in a white nightgown. I heard a bunch of voices.

"Will she be okay"
"Is she dead"
"Bring her back PLEASE"

I am so tired and I felt pain everywhere.

Abby's P.O.V:

A couple of days later we were all fine. Turns out Nikki only had a concussion that messed up something in her head she had temporary memory loss, but she picked up and everything pretty quick after we showed her some pictures . Well fine didn't fit in Bailey's situation. Her mom is gone. Forever. A week after the accident Bailey was a hot mess. She didn't go to school for a while. She didn't let anyone in. She never processed it all in. She always think it was her fault her mom died. It was no ones fault. She was never the same.

Present Time....

Vanessa's P.O.V:

We were still standing there fangirling all over the place. We all went to Abby's house after we found Zayn's wallet. We all went to her bedroom to discuss it.

"Alright, do you think they are still in town?" Abby asked.
"Probably, but how do we know where they are we need to return it." Bailey said.
"Well they aren't on tour so they probably are on a break" Nikki said.
"Sorry guys I have to go to work" I said. I work at a Starbucks.
"What you cant leave now!" Bailey said.
"You never know maybe she might run into them!" Nikki said. We all laugh cause we know that probably won't happen.

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