More Than This

Vanessa is an average American teenage girl With high hopes of making it big someday. Ever since Vanessa was 2 she wanted to become a professional singer. She will do anything to make her dream come true. Now that she is 18 and her and her friends stumble upon something that will connect her with the boys. Will it change her life? Will she fall for 1 of them maybe even 2?


3. Unbelievable....

Bailey's P.O.V:

Oh my god! I can't be live they were here and we didn't know! Nikki started FREAKING out. "Come on lets go!" Nikki said. "What are we doin'?" Abby said. "Oh they and we are not leaving until we say hi to them!" Nikki said. We all love them so much but Nikki is serious about them. But I'm not crazy. We all ran outside for some reason and then they got in there car and left. I don't want to be one of those crazy fans.
"DAMN IT!" Nikki said.
Don't worry we'll meet them someday" Abby said. " And what if we don't!" Geez, Nikki calm down!
" Wait! What if we do" I said. "
What do you mean?" Vanessa asked.
" Well, we all know Vanessa is freaking talented so I was thinking-" I said.
"OMG, we can have Vanessa audition for the X Factor and when they preform we can meet them! Nikki said finishing my sentence.
"What are you crazy!" Abby said. Well what is her problem!
"We can't take advantage of Nessa's talent! What if they don't actually preform on the show!" Abby said.
"Well that would suck BUT Vanessa would win that thing no matter what!" I know I was right and they knew it too. I looked over at Vanessa and she seemed to be thinking it through.
"Well what do you think?" Nikki asked Vanessa.
"Um....maybe I can audition but I don't know..."
"Just think it through" Abby said. Maybe they where right but we all knew that she really wanted to audition. We all went inside and ate some food and walked around for about 15 minutes . "I think that I want to audition but for myself no for meeting 1D. I would love to meet them sometime," Vanessa said. We all nodded in agreement. When we threw away our stuff we had a serious talk.

Abby's P.O.V:

When we were about to leave Vanessa said something that bothered me. "I'm such a loser I have no idea about what I want to do with my life. I have great grades and I know I don't want to stay here forever but I don't know..." She said. "No your not, don't say that! You already have a plan right?" I said. "What do you mean" Bailey asked. "Well, obviously you want to live in New York City and you love to song and dance sooooo you enroll in a music school" Nikki said with a grin. " OR she can move to NYC and audition for the X Factor when she finishes collage or high school so she would have a collage degree, education is important," Bailey said, was more reasonable about her actions than Nikki. I was the most responsible one in the group. For some reason Vanessa seemed a bit overwhelmed about all of this. "So, what do you think?" I asked. "Okay, so I will graduate high school move to NYC and than attend collage and at the same time audition for the X Factor," Nessa said. "Well looks like you have your plan" I said. We all smiled at each other. You see when I grow up I want to dance! Just like Danielle Peazer. Her life is perfect and I want to do the same. Nikki wants to become a Victoria Secret model. I' gonna be honest, she is very beautiful. Everyone loves her the goths, nerds and some of the popular people. All Victoria Secret models live in New York so she could probably move with Vanessa. Bailey, well Bailey is struggling with what she wants to do. She is smart and very funny person. She is always uncomfortable when we talk about our futures.

Bailey P.O.V:

Ugh, here we go again. All the girls have there life planned out and I don't. I'm such an idiot! I know that in my heart these girls will become what they want to be. Vanessa is so freaking talented with her singing and dancing. Abby has gotten professional dance lessons and is a natural born dancer and Nikki has everything a model needs! She has a great body, personality and she has a perfect model name Nikki Ambrosio. Me, I don't really have a talent to be honest. I mean I am a people person but nothing else I play sports. I love to play soccer. I'm good too but I don't know how to be a professional soccer player. "Well we should get going," Vanessa said. I look at my phone. Whoa, it's already been one hour and forty-five minutes? It feels like it's been thirty minutes. I guess time flys by when you try to chase down One Direction. When we walked out of the mall, I saw something small and brown out of the corner of my eye right, were One Direction's car was parked, when we were about to get into Nessa's car. "Wait, whats that." Nikki asked. Vanessa went over there to pick it up.than her face became blank. "Are you okay Vanessa?" Abby asked. "you guys.....oh my god....this is," she was soo shocked? I became impatient. "Well what is it?" O asked. She came over by us and what we saw was unbelievable. This wallet belongs to Zayn Malik.



Isn't that exiting! Finding one of the boys wallets. Well I'm gonna leave you there. Please comment, like share my story with other groups or people on Movellas. I hope you all have a nice day:)

- Nathalie<3
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