More Than This

Vanessa is an average American teenage girl With high hopes of making it big someday. Ever since Vanessa was 2 she wanted to become a professional singer. She will do anything to make her dream come true. Now that she is 18 and her and her friends stumble upon something that will connect her with the boys. Will it change her life? Will she fall for 1 of them maybe even 2?


2. Oh My God Was That......

Vanessa's P.O.V:

After I texted Nikki I went to my room took a shower, put some make up on and my outfit. I came down stairs and I saw my brothers where watching Paranormal Activity 3. "Hey Nessa, you want to watch the movie with us." Alex asked. "No,I can't I'm going to the mall with the girls. Those are really boring anyways." I said. I went to the kitchen where my dad, 5 years old brother Enzo and my stepmom are. "Hey guys I'm going to the mall, K?" "Alright have fun!" My stepmom said. I got in my car and drove to Nikki's house to pick up the girls. I was halfway there but I forgot to get Jakes money.

Nikki's P.O.V:
Ugh were is she? I'm not a very patient person. I really need to leave my house. My brother has his nerdy friends over. They were nice and cool sometimes, but I'm a girl and I need my time at the mall. I don't go to the mall a lot my mom works all they time, she's a nurse that helps the depressed people or something. I've been there, it's sad.

Vanessa's P.O.V:
I had to go back home because I had to get Jake's money. My car is like a cool neon green color. I finally arrived at Nikki's house. It is bigger than mine it has a pool. I honked the horn a couple times and they came out.

"Hey Girls" I said.
"Hiya" they all said.
"So, the mall right? We don't need to stop any where" I said.
"Yup can I put my 1D CD in there?" Bailey asked.
" Haha of course! What kind of question is that?" I said.

We put Take Me Home in and we were singing like there is no tomorrow. All the sudden Abby paused the music and said "Vanessa, why don't you audition for the X Factor?" I was going to audition when I was 16 but I was so nervous and afraid of being rejected that I didn't. " Yea she was going to but she was to scared of getting rejected!" Bailey said. "Which we all know can't happen!" Nikki said. "Whatever, you guys I think I wanna move to New York City..." I said. "Take me with you!" Nikki said. "Me too!" Said Abby and Bailey. "Well I might after graduation" I said. Bailey pressed play and the music started playing again. When we got there we went to Wet Seal, Delia's, Hollister and Pacsun and American Apparel. When we were about to leave the mall got VERY full. What the hell is going on?

"OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU GUYS!!!!!!! What the hell? How did we not know about this!!!!!" Nikki said. After about 10 minutes of freaking out they were about to leave.
"They're leaving!" Bailey said. I was freaking out about them. How did we not know this? We buy every magazine with there faces on them, we watch every video we find about them, we follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook. We have watched every single video diary 5 times! Ugh! I can't believe this. We even been to 3 of there concerts! We have ALL of there albums and our bedrooms are covered with there faces! "Come on lets go!" Nikki said. "What are we doin'?" Abby said. "Oh they and we are not leaving until we say hi to them!" Nikki said. Oh no, Nikki was the ultimate Directioner. Seriously, we all love them so much but Nikki is serious about them. Don't get me wrong I would, like, die if I ever really meet them. But I'm not crazy. We all ran outside for so,e reason and then they got in there car and left. "DAMN IT!" Nikki said. Don't worry we'll meet them someday" Abby said. " And what if we don't!" Whoa, I have never seen Nikki snap like that, or ever. " Wait! What if we do" Bailey said. What do you mean? I asked.



Haha well what do you think Bailey is thinking? Sorry if the story sucks or the chapters are too short. Please Like, Comment, Become a fan of mine. Only if you want to! This is new to me, like writing so yea. Well have a nice day lovelies!

- Nathalie<3

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