My Dearest Granddad

A poem I wrote a few weeks ago to read at my Granddad's funeral.
Hope you likeee....


1. My Dearest Granddad

 My Dearest Granddad

3 Sundays Ago

You slipped from our arms 

As The Lord called you home 


Although you're now gone 

Your memory still remains 

In our hearts and our mind 

Forever they're engrained 


88 Years of your sweetness and love

Your constant warmth and care

Words cannot explain my love for you

It'll be hard not having you there 


But I thank God for your life 

And the peace that he has brought

We miss you and we'll never forget you 

You are always in our thoughts 


So let out hearts be untroubled 

Lets tears not stain our face 

As I know you, my dearest Granddad 

Are in a better place 


Goodbye my beautiful Granddad, 

Though this isn't really goodbye 

For I know I will see your face again 

When God calls me to his side. 



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