True Love

When Layla's best friend, Jasmine, finds out that her Mum is going to be the new manager of 1D, her and Jasmine's life changes. Jasmine is obsessed with 1D, but Layla isn't that much of a fan, so when Layla starts to get close to Zayn, a member of the band, Jasmine's jealousy grows bigger and bigger. Will Jasmine be able to drift Jasmine and Zayn apart and have him for herself?


1. The News

Layla awoke to the sound of her phone ringing.

"What now? she sighed. It was Jasmine. She clicked the answer button and brought the phone slowly to her ear.

"Layla? Layla? LAYLA?!" Jasmine shouted impatiently on the other side.

"I'm here!" said Layla, "Why'd you call so early? It's only seven o'clock!"

"Well, you'll never believe this, but guess what? My mum's the new manager of 1D!" Jasmine shouted

"Shut up, Jazzy! Honestly! You ring me at seven o'clock in the morning to tell me some silly joke that's not even true! I'm going back to sleep now, ok? Bye!"

"But please, wai-". The phone beeped. Jasmine tried again. No answer. She sent Layla a text.

Layla, please ring me back when you get this. I wasn't lying. Love, Jazzy xxx

Layla's phone beeped. She had got Jasmine's text. She went to her contacts list and clicked on Jasmine's name. Her finger hovered over the 'Call' button. If she phoned, all Jasmine would do was tell her what she said was true. Layla was sure it wasn't true. But it could be true, Layla thought. Her finger touched the screen gently, and Jasmine answered straight away.

"Hello? Layla, you called!" she said, "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come over my house to have a chat? You know, just about... stuff?"

Layla knew what stuff Jasmine meant. Her mum's 'new job'.

"Ermm, well, me and my mum were going to go, well, ermm... go shopping today. You know, like.. just us. Sorry."

"But you can do that tommorrow! Please! I really want to tell you something!" Jasmine begged.

"Oh, fine! I'll be there in ten minutes!" said Layla, annoyed that now she was going to have to spend her day listening to Jasmine go on about her mum and One Direction. Even if it was true, Layla wasn't fussed. She wasn't One Direction's biggest fan like Jasmine was. Layla dressed quickly, pulled on her coat, grabbed her phone, and set off on the walk to Jasmine's house.





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