True Love

When Layla's best friend, Jasmine, finds out that her Mum is going to be the new manager of 1D, her and Jasmine's life changes. Jasmine is obsessed with 1D, but Layla isn't that much of a fan, so when Layla starts to get close to Zayn, a member of the band, Jasmine's jealousy grows bigger and bigger. Will Jasmine be able to drift Jasmine and Zayn apart and have him for herself?


2. It's True

Layla banged on Jasmine's door. It opened quickly to reveal Jasmine standing there, still in her old Hello Kitty pyjamas.

"Hi, Layla! Come in" said Jasmine excitedly. She grabbed hold of Layla's hand and pulled her towards the stairs.

"Quick! I'm going to prove to you that what I said earlier is true, and I wasn't lying!" she said excitedly, and pulled Layla up the stairs. As Jasmine pushed her  bedroom door open, Layla gasped. 5 familiar faces were staring at her from on the bed.

"Hi! This is Layla, guys. Layla, say hello!" Jasmine said, calm as ever.

"Hi!" stammered Layla, "N-nice to meet you. Im just going to talk to Jasmine out here a m-minute, if that's ok?" she asked, pointing towards the bedroom door.

"That's fine!" replied Niall, "Go ahead!" Layla grabbed hold of Jasmine's hand and pulled her out the door, slamming it behind her.

"You didn't tell me they were going to be here!"

"I know, I wanted it to be a surprise for you!" said Jasmine excitedly.

"Jazzy, come on! I don't even like the band!" Layla said, sighing, "You knew I wouldn't be that excited about it."

"But don't you think it's just a teeny weeny little bit exciting? You couldn't talk properly to them just now, and that only happens when you're excited!" They both walked back to the room.



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