They Said It Was Despair

A collection of poetry that focuses on the despair and resentment toward the world's corruptions and desecration at large.


4. Petals In Darkness

I have been misconstrued of late
In increasing frequency and I am like
A pig tail getting angry and curling up
More and more twisting my own fragile
Nerves into an even more nervous ball

Seek not what you wish not to find and you
Shall be spared the mercy of truth and light
You can choose to look away from what you
Do not wish to see; for now I do not wish to
See the man that you have become for it is
Such a gruesome and terrible sight for my
Tender and brittle heart to bear at one go.

Love is diffusing out of me like sweat of a cow
In anxious and bitter labour who does not
Understand the reason why it is behaving that way
Either. No one tries to find the reason why because
As I said you shall seek not what you never
Wish to find. I hope you heed my advice because
The consequences are bloody bitter and damned right
I am. You will see as you go along trying to find
Your way in this dark dark night feeling along the
Bushes and pricking yourself on the thorn of a rose
You thought was beautiful but had hidden flaws.

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