They Said It Was Despair

A collection of poetry that focuses on the despair and resentment toward the world's corruptions and desecration at large.


3. Lemon Straws

This is the very last straw; she recalls the day that
The last straw she had she burnt on a field of padi grass
Behind her barn with sheeps and cows and they all
Smelt the scent of burnt grass and ran, ran for their lives.
Smart asses they were.

Now there is another last straw to burn. Providence is
A bitch mocking me cursing me giving me all she has in
Limericks and lemon-soaked life. Straws are less flammable
When coated in lemon juice. Damn. Life gives you lemons,
You dunk them over straw and suck really hard and if you're
Lucky you get a new straw to play with if not you eat the
Lemon juice covered soaked saturated straw and hope
You do not get indigestion (do you get what i mean

When I said love within your means) Why did you not
Clarify your doubts and tell me the link between the
Formulae of natural decay and buildup because I cannot
Differentiate nor integrate love and lust no longer and
Life is just a backdrop for the stage play of politics do
You not see will you never see the pain and suffering we
All go through Do you not think it calls for the hiring of
a hall this Insanity we never understand and cannot
Even fathom yet we Endure like there is a tomorrow
When in fact I pray there isn't and that never comes true.
Damned sun.

Shining on me like its rays could bare my soul when there
is nothing possibly left to bare DO YOU NOT SEE the
addiction Would you tell me is it healthy baby and did
You ever think that you meant a cent or a lemon straw to
Me because lemon grass is not cheap even if it's withered
I live in a misery of straw bent into letters that spell the
most miserable and contemptuous words in history that
sound something like your name. which i love so.

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