They Said It Was Despair

A collection of poetry that focuses on the despair and resentment toward the world's corruptions and desecration at large.


2. Feast Your Eyes


A raspy breath in the cold autumn breeze

A flower blooming; then quickly to freeze

What is man's life in view of eternity?

Iridescent lights shimmering on the horizon

To be wiped out by the coming Armageddon

What is man's life in view of eternity?

Wisps of snowy white among a head of grey

Dread and despair come upon you as you pray

"Help me feast my eyes,

Upon what my Creator has,

My wants and desires for me,

Traded with His noble dreams for thee."

Come now, let us gather,

And witness the closing of the fire.

Burn, let it burn,

For my eyes are fixed somewhere,

elsewhere on high.

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