Snow angels

seventeen years old Boo moves to England with her big brother and foster dad.
Back in Scotland she had a lot of friends, a boyfriend, and a perfect life with her parents. Now she is the bully victim of the school, and home her foster dad abuses her.
One day she can't stand it anymore - but Niall Horan, the most popular guy at school, saves her - but is he anything for her? He got tattoos, he drinks, and even the teachers respects him - but maybe all he needed was a true friend?


1. What to expect when life is hell

"We're leaving now," my brother said from the doorstep.
"I'm coming," I wispered, and he smiled sadly to me, before he left.

We're moving.
I sighed. It was hard to understand. In Scotland I had everything. Friends, status, boyfriend, everything.
A message plinged in to my Iphone.
'I'm gonna miss you Boo :'('
'I'll miss you too baby,' I texted back.
"ODYSSE! WE'RE LEAVING NOW!"My fosterdad screamed.
I wiped the tears of my face, and walked to the door.
There I stopped, and turned around.
"bye," I mouthed to my empty room.
The only thing it felt good to leave.
I went out to the car.
"There you are," my fosterdad growled.
Hangover. I could totally tell. Both because of the painkillers in his hand, and the soars from all the things he trew on me yesterday, that hurted every time I moved.
I crawled into the backseat with my brother, (he's 19, his name is David, and he tries to find somewhere to live right now), and took on my headphones.
Green Day was blasting from my headset, but I didn't dare to sing along because of the temper of my fosterdad.
I love rock music.
Everyone seems to think I'm so innocent and stupid, but please, I'm seventeen. Partying is my life, and there ain't a lot of innocense left in me, (exept my virginity, but lets not talk about that,) I love to party, it's seriously the best thing ever.
Maybe the reason no one thinks I'm badass is because... I don't wear make-up, I dress mostly in sweats and hoodies, (cute ones, with rainbows and moustaches and unicorns and 'you go glen coco') and my grades are good.




After hours of driving,we were finally in London.
My fosterdad went to open the door, and David started to carry our bags up to the house.

Me and David only got to bring one suitcase each, but our fosterdad had loads, so it was a good handfull to carry.
I went upstairs, found the room I was going to have, unpacked, and took a shower.

"I'm going out!" I screamed, and jumped into my uggs, trew on a beanie, and walked outside.
It was the beginning of January, and ice-cold, and loads of snow.
I was really cold in just my jeans and hoodie, (I didn't have enough space for a winter jacket) so I turned on some music, and started walking. I followed the road, and I had walked a good thirty minutes, when my phone fell out of my pocket.
My headset fell too, and it went down on the ice with a loud crack.
"Shit," I mumbled desperate. My fosterdad was going to kill me if it was broken.
Right when I was about to pick it up, a couple of big hands snapped it up, and handed it to me.

I stared in shock at the person that now held my iphone towards me.

He was blonde, with ice-blue eyes, and a piercing on each side of his lower lip, one in his eyebrow, and five in each ear. He had loads of tattoos, like a sleeve that went from his neck, down to his arms, and ended where his hands started.
He was wearing a red snapback, a white tee, leather jacked, and washed out jeans, with a skateboard tossed over his back.
"T-thanks,"I stuttered, still suprised over this guy's appearance.
Before I could take it, he clicked at the home-button, and the cover of the song I was listening to,was showing.

"Green Day," he said, and nodded, before he handed me my phone.
"they're good."
His voice was a lot lighter and warmer than I expected, and his grin was cute and kind.

I nodded.

"You're not from here," he said, changing the topic.
I shok my head.
"Came here from Scotland today."
"Well, I'm Niall. Senior," he said.
"Odysse... I mean Boo!" I said desperate, trying to cover up that I just said my real name.
"J- junior,"
"Odysse..." he mumbled. I cursed.
"What? You don't like it?" he asked, and I shooke my head again.
"I prefer Boo,"
"But Odysse is cool. It's... Not normal. That's why it's cool."
"Thanks," I blushed.

He grinned to me.
"Gotta go, cya," he said, and walked away.
"see ya," I wispered.

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