Josh Hutcherson FanFic

My sister wanted me to write a fanfic of her and josh..this is the outcome.
I dont't like Josh Hutcherson (sorry) but my sister wants me to write this for her...

Amy meets a guy when she moves into her apartment, they don't expect to be friends with each other, but who knows what could happen ;)

I don't own any copywrited stuff (c)

Thankyou lovelys if you read it :D


8. Authors Note

Hi guys, this isnt part of the story, but I wanted to say thankyou, if anyone is even reading this ^-^ 

If you like it, and want more, please comment, favourite etc :)

The chapters probably don't make sense, but I've written 14 pages on word for my sister, and I split it up into 7 chapters, 2 pages per yeah:)


No where near done yet, so if you want more, tell me pleasee :D xoxoxo

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