Josh Hutcherson FanFic

My sister wanted me to write a fanfic of her and josh..this is the outcome.
I dont't like Josh Hutcherson (sorry) but my sister wants me to write this for her...

Amy meets a guy when she moves into her apartment, they don't expect to be friends with each other, but who knows what could happen ;)

I don't own any copywrited stuff (c)

Thankyou lovelys if you read it :D


6. 6


   The curtains were drawn wide open, letting beams of sunlight through to my bedroom. I woke up, startled.

   I forgot that I’d moved house, the new surroundings looked weird to me. I’d tried to do up my bedroom the same way it was back in Elmswell, but it seemed near enough impossible without my sisters ‘One Direction’ and ‘Sleeping With Sirens’ posters there.

     “Morning, beautiful.”

     “AH!” I screamed, jumping as a saw a masculine figure holding a tray with what looked like a bowl of cereal and orange juice on it.

     “I-I made you some food…I hope you don’t mind. I’ve been awake for a while now, and I didn’t want to give you the trouble of having to get up and make your own breakfast.”

     “Oh, right…thank you.” I replied, I now remembered how I’d moved house yesterday, and I’d let Josh stay for the night. Why, I have no idea.  “Well, I’m gonna go have a bath, you don’t mind do you? You can have some of that meanwhile if you want…” I pointed at the tray with food on.

     “Mind if I join you?” He winked at me, suggestively.

     “No, I let you stay the night, that’s enough. You’ll have to stay somewhere else tonight.”

     “Aw, but I get to sleep so easily and peacefully here!” I couldn’t disagree.

     “Well, tough. Surely Xander’s house is the same, right?”



     “At least let me spend the day with you then…get to know each other?”

   For a grown man, he didn’t half pester an awful lot.

     “Fineee! Whatever.”

     “Yey.” He pretended to be some kind of Mario, punching his first in the air.

   I rolled my eyes, and turned the taps of the bath on. Once I’d gotten undressed, I locked the bathroom door. Not taking any chances.

   I played my iPod, and put it on shuffle. ‘People Help The People’ I by Birdie came on. It’s my favourite song, so I started singing along.

   My mind was peacefully rested whilst I soaked in the bath, a few bath bombs, and lots of soap and water later, I felt fully refreshed so got out of the bath, dressed and walked out of the bathroom with my hair in a turban and my headphones for my iPod in.

     “You’re a beautiful singer, you know.”


     “I heard you, um, singing when you were in then.” He nodded his head towards the bathroom door.

     “So, you’re stalking me now?”

     “No…I just heard you and, you could sell out concerts you know with a voice like that. I know I’d go.”

     “Well, you’re supposed to say stuff like that, as my friend.”

     “Trust me, if I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t say it.”

     “Do you wanna go shopping now, then? I’m just gonna dry my hair and do my make-up and then we’ll go, yeah? If you still wanna come…” I bent down to pick up my lipstick, to put it on, but he grabbed my wrist.

     “You don’t need make-up. You’re already gorgeous.”

     “See? You’re just being my friend.”

     “No, I mean it.”

     “You don’t, now sh. I need to get ready.” Obviously seeing that he wasn’t going to win, he let go of me and walked out of my bedroom.

     When I’d finished applying my make-up, I moved onto my hair. I took off the towel on my head, letting my hair fall down around my shoulders. It fell just below shoulder length. Brown waves forming my natural hair, just the way I liked it. I blow-dried it a little, and then plugged in my curling tongs.

   10 minutes later, I was ready to go.

     “You take aaages to get ready! What do you even do?!” He whined.

     “I told you, my hair and make-up, come on then, let’s go shall we?”

     “We’re not gonna be shopping for the whole day, are we?”

     “Like I said before, you don’t have to come.”

     “No, I want to.”

     “Alright. Anything you want when we get there? Oh and, you’ll have to show me where the mall is…because I have no idea…”

   I packed my purse full of my credit cards for various shops and my main one into my bag, and my back-up make-up bag. I didn’t have a phone, I’d never needed one. I went through the duration of my life without ever needing to use one, I didn’t want to become like my sister, who spent her whole life on her phone. Instead, I used my laptop. It was good, because I didn’t need much in my bag, so I only needed to use small ones.

     “Of course. So, let’s go. After you, m’lady.” I chuckled at his gentlemanliness.

   We walked out of the door, and I was about to lock up and Josh called out to me and said,

     “You forgetting something?” He waved my key card in front of me, and I smiled as a thank you, and swiped it across the closed door.

     “Guyssss! Are ya’s goinn out?” Xander asked, slurring his words. Obviously drunk.

     “Xander. Why are you drunk? It’s like, 9 in the morning!” I shouted at him.

     “Because of yoooou, and you’re stupidnessnessness. Jenny rejected me.”

     “How is that my fault, exactly?”

     “Youuu’re the one who told me to calllll her.”

     “No, I said, I’d call her for you.”

     “Shut uppp.” He said, stumbling a little. I races forward to catch him, a little hurt at his choice of words.

     “Get off me you bi-”

     “XANDER!” Josh called out.

     “Oh, hey dude…are you dating this lil’ slut now?”

     “Don’t call her a slut.”

     “We’re not even dating. I’veneverhadaboyfriend.”

     “What? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You’ve never had a boyfriend, hahahahahahaha, you’re patheticccc.”

     “You know what? Stuff you. I don’t need you to ruin my morning. Get out of our way.”

     “Come on Amy; let’s leave him until he’s sober.”

   Me and Josh walked straight past him and when we were outside of the skyscraper, I felt a tear trickle down my cheek. Josh must’ve noticed.

     “Hey, don’t listen to him. He says crazy things when he’s drunk, just like the rest of us do.” He wiped the tear off of my cheek.

     “No but, he’s telling the truth, I haven’t ever had a boyfriend.”

     “What’s wrong with that?”

     “What’s right with that, more like?”

     “No, I respect that. I’ve had a couple girlfriends in the past; they only lead to heartbreak though, so you’re lucky if anything.”

     “At least you’re not forever alone though.”

     “I’m sure there’s some guy out there for you…”

     “I doubt it.”

     “Really believe you’ll find him, and you will. Who’s to say you haven’t already met him?”

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