Josh Hutcherson FanFic

My sister wanted me to write a fanfic of her and josh..this is the outcome.
I dont't like Josh Hutcherson (sorry) but my sister wants me to write this for her...

Amy meets a guy when she moves into her apartment, they don't expect to be friends with each other, but who knows what could happen ;)

I don't own any copywrited stuff (c)

Thankyou lovelys if you read it :D


5. 5


We both started to eat as the film started. He’d turned it on while it was still on the adverts, so we started to tuck in to our meal.

     “You ever seen it?” Josh asked, pointing his finger at the TV.

     “Not really, have you?”

     “Are you kidding?!” His eyes grew wide, “I’ve been in it, don’t you recognise me?”

    “I thought Xander was in it? At least, that’s what he told me…”

     “We both were. What part did you watch? Do you remember?”

     “Just the start, until they got to the reaping, then I um…fell asleep.”

     “Haha, aw. Well, if you start dozing off, I might just have to hit you with a pillow.”

     “Oh wait! We should go get Xander; he wanted to watch it with me…”

     “Sure, sure.” He said, in a downhearted voice. He picked out his phone from his jeans pocket, and starting texting. Probably Xander, as no more than 2 minutes after he’d put his phone back in his pocket, Xander came bounding through the door.

     “What’d I miss, peeps?” I cringed at his use of ‘peeps’. That was soo 2008.

     “Not much…it’s barely even started yet.”

   Xander sat down on the other white couch, adjacent to the one me and Josh were sat on. I looked at Xander, he was staring at the girl on the TV with loving eyes, and was he…starting to drool?!


     “Huh? Oh, yeaah?” His head perked up at the sound of his name, what a narcissist.

     “Why are you drooling over that girl? Aw, do you have a crush on her?” I teased.

     “Shut up, I was not-” His voice trailed off as he felt water trickling down his chin.

     “Yeah, of course you weren’t. So, what’s her name, and when do I get to meet her?”

     “Why, you jealous?” He mocked me.

     “Hahaha…oh you wish, Xander.” I could honestly say, I only had friendly feelings towards both Josh and Xander.

     “Well, her names Jennifer Lawrence, and unless you go to America, then you’re not gonna ever be able to meet her. Her parents are very strict about keeping her in the States. If she dared take a step outside of the American borderline, then she’d be dead in minutes. Not literally…of course…” Then, much quieter, he muttered, “I wouldn’t ever let that happen.”

     “Aw, I’d have loved to have met her.” I said, batting my eyelashes. He just rolled his eyes and continued to drool over her, so I turned to Josh and asked, “What about you, do you have feelings for the hawtiee on the TV too?”

     “Hahaha, no. Never have, doubtfully never will. Bros before hoes and all that.” He replied, winking at me, while I rolled my eyes.

   We watched the whole film together; I’d managed to stay awake for the whole duration of it without being hit by Josh with a pillow. I noticed him keep looking over at me, just to check, but just because I um…kept looking over at him. I don’t even know why. I don’t have feelings like that for him. Anyway, its chess, so it’s the boys move to make, not mine.

     “So, what d’ya think? How sexy was I, on a scale of Xander to Josh?” Josh asked.

     “So, Xander being the best, and Josh being the worst, right?” I joked.

     “Hey, Xander’s already taken babe. Er- I mean…”

     “Ohhh! So you do have feeling for Jennifer? Give me her phone number.” I held out my hand, signifying for him to give me her number so I could call or text her.

    “No. No way in hell.”

    “No way are you a Christian. Saying ‘hell’ is offensive to me, y’know?”

    “You tell him Amy!” Josh said, cheering me on. Wow.

    “You’re a Christian?!”

     “Yup. Fo lyf yo.” I said, imitating a gangster. What can I say, I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

     “We’re all gonna go to church together someday, me and Amy have decided.” Josh spoke.

     “Well, count me out. I’m thinking about becoming atheist…”

     “What?! No! Why?”  I said, upset. I don’t even know why I was upset; I hadn’t even known him for that long to actually care what his belief was.

     “What can I say, the big bang just seems for realistic to me now.”

     “No, you did not just say that.”

     “Yeah, god man! What happened to all those years of catholic school?!”

     “I’m aloud to believe what I wanna believe, guys. I’m beat…I’m going home. You two, don’t get up to too much while I’m gone.” He said with a weak smile.

   I don’t even wanna know what he meant by that, I have a pretty detailed idea in my head already.

     “Guess it’ll just be me and you at church on Sunday then…you don’t mind, do you?”

     “Of course not! We don’t need Xander to have fun.” I remarked, playfully punching his arm, like me and Xander had done earlier in the reception.

   He looked at me weirdly, like his was kinda…turned on? I can’t read people’s faces, so I could’ve been completely wrong, but I still said anyway,

     “Ohmygosh. I don’t mean anything like that!”

   He laughed, regardless. Soon, I joined in as well.

     “Well, it’s getting late, I think I’m gonna hit the hay soon…” I pointed out.

     “It’s only 8:30pm! Aw, come on! Surely you stay up later than that?!”

     “But I’m exhausted, Josh.”

     “Boo you, you’re no fun.”

     “How about, I promise to stop by Xander’s house tomorrow to come see you two?”

     “Plot twist, I stay here the night.” He winked.

     “Hahaha…no. I barely even know you!”

     “Aww! But it’s so dark outside, so I can’t go back to my place! And Xander’s gonna be groaning about how much he misses Jen all night, so I can’t go stay there! Pleaaaase?”

     “Ugh! Fine! BUT…you must stay here on the couch, all night. Except if you need a glass of water, the glasses are in the cupboard above the sink…”

   I turned to walk away, but then I remembered how he’d finished off all of Xander’s food supplies earlier today.

     “And please don’t eat all of my food. I don’t have much because I need to go shopping tomorrow, and I don’t have much money.”

     “Thank you. Let me take you shopping tomorrow? I can pay…”

     “I can’t let you do that. I’d only consider letting you pay for my groceries if you were my husband, but you’re not, so as nice as it would be, I can’t let you.”

     “But, I want to.”

     “I don’t care how much you want to, you’re not going to. Now ssh, and get to sleep. God. I sound like your mother.”

     “And how exactly do you know what my mom sounds like?”

     “Because I sound like her.”

     “Wow. My new neighbour is my mom, good times.”

     “I’m not your mum, I just sound like her…supposedly. Now seriously, shut up and get to sleep. And no turning Edward Cullen on me and watching me while I sleep.”

     “I won’t if you won’t.”


   And with that, I turned and walked into my bedroom, and collapsed onto my bed, into a deep, dark sleep, fully clothed in my daywear. 

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