Josh Hutcherson FanFic

My sister wanted me to write a fanfic of her and josh..this is the outcome.
I dont't like Josh Hutcherson (sorry) but my sister wants me to write this for her...

Amy meets a guy when she moves into her apartment, they don't expect to be friends with each other, but who knows what could happen ;)

I don't own any copywrited stuff (c)

Thankyou lovelys if you read it :D


4. 4


     “1, please, I’m begging you…never call yourself the ‘Xandmaster’ ever again, it’s just cringey, and 2, I must be a nobody, because I sure as hell don’t love you.” I smirked, and hit his arm, playfully. Just like he’d done to me moments ago.

   He placed his hand on his chest where his heart is, and wore a mask of shock on his face, “I, am very, very offended by that, Amy.” Then he broke down laughing, showing he was only kidding.

     “Well, good. You should be.” I smiled, and then the uncontrollable laughter slipped from my lips. “We should be getting back…you might need to go grocery shopping, I think Josh will have eaten all of your food by the time we get there.”

     “Haha, I’m not worried about that, I’ll just get my manslave to go out and buy it all again.”


     “Yeah, Josh.” We both burst out in laughter again, getting a few weird looks from the people around us. We didn’t care though.

   I saw a removal van show up outside of the reception we were stood in, and told Xander to go back to his apartment whilst I brought the stuff up to my room.

     “Nah, its fine. I’ll help you with it! Look at the guns I have…” I half expected him to show me an actual gun or two, but he lifted his sleeve and stretched out his arm muscles. Wow, they were huge. I felt my eyes grow to twice their natural size in shock. “Impressive, right?”

   I nodded, still shocked. “Right, so, about these boxes…” I said, motioning towards the man behind us, who was bringing them in.

     “Looks like it’s gonna take a while to get all of them up there…how many are there? Like…100? 150? More?” He questioned, staring at them all.

     “Ladies don’t pack light, guess you could say.”

     “I guess we better get to it.”

   We started taking the boxes up to my new apartment, carrying 2, maybe 3 each. It took us half an hour, give or take.

     “Pheww! You alright, Amy?” Xander asked me, puffing. Clearly out of breathe.

     “Y-yeah…yo-you?” I seemed to be even more out of breath than he was, as I collapsed onto the floor, laying still with my hands on my head, searching for oxygen.

     “Oh, I’m fine! Remember what I said about my guns?” He said, flexing his muscles again. A door opened and closed somewhere near us.

     “Haha. Xander, stop showing off. Amy, you want any help up?”

     “That, wo-would be nic-nice.”

   He took my hand, and pulled backwards, successfully pulling me up to my feet. I leant down and placed my hands on my knees, still trying to catch my breath. God, I needed to work out more.

     “You alright? You wanna come in before you start putting all your stuff away?” Xander asked. These boys were too kind. I didn’t know what I’d done to deserve to meet them, especially after I expected them to be the kind to do drugs and have a new girl every night, which of course, I still couldn’t be certain that they weren’t.

   Maybe this is how they tempt the girls in, maybe every girl in this skyscraper had had a go with them…I wasn’t sure who to trust anymore.

     “No, it’s fine…I think I’ll chill in my apartment, on my own, for a bit. I’ll even put away all my boxed stuff in the mean time.”

     “It’s no worries! I can help you with that.”

     “Me too!”


     “Hey, Xander, you do that box over there, I’ll do this one. Amy, just tell us where you want it all, alright? Leave the labour to us.” Josh smiled at me.


     “Hey, Amy, what’s this?” Xander queried, studying my drawing pad,

     “GUYS!” I shouted, grabbing both of their attention. “It’s fine! I can do it on my own, you can go home or something…I’ve already expected too much of you both today. You haven’t even known me 5 minutes. Thank you for all of your help. But really, I’m fine!”

   They looked at each other, surprised at my sudden outburst. They both strolled over to Xander’s room, unreadable facial expressions on their faces.

   I looked around at my room, full of boxes. I really could use some help, but I’d blown that. Oh well, better get started now then, if I wanted to be finished in time to have something for dinner.

   2 hours and a bit later, I’d officially finished. Except one box. I hid that in the walk-in wardrobe so no-one could find it. It had pictures of me and my family in it, me and my siblings, Louise and Chris. I hadn’t seen them for years. Ever since the accident- I couldn’t think of that right now. This was a new place, so therefore, a new me as well.

   I sat flicking through the channels on my TV. This building had sky, and my apartment had come with a sky box, so I was going through all of the new channels I had. Louise would have loved this; it had ‘Kerrang!’ and ‘Scuzz TV’ on it.

   I ended up putting on a show called ‘Skins’. It was about some British teens who were trying to find their soul mate, which included a lot of drama. It was actually pretty good.

   I heard at knock at my door, it was like, 6pm, who the hell could that be?!

   I opened the door, and a masculine figure stood the other side of the doorframe.

     “Hey, Amy!”

     “Look Josh, I’m really sorry about-”

     “Don’t worry about it! We understand that you’ve been under a bit of strain lately. What with the move and everything.”

     “I’m being serious. I shouldn’t have-”

     “Amy. Stop. It’s fine! We don’t care!” He flashed a toothy grin my way, making me feel better. “Hey, we brought you a McDonalds, by the way.”

     “I don’t deserve you guys! Aw.” I said, hugging him.

   He lifted his hand, giving me a brown bag with a recognisable logo on, a golden ‘M’ with a red background around it.

     “More like, we don’t deserve you. You’ve given us something new to do with our day; we’d have been bored shi-”

     “Please don’t swear, it’s um…against my religion. Aha.”

     “Oh right, sorry. If you don’t mind me asking, what religion are you?”

     “A Christian…”

     “Wow! Same! Xander’s a Christian as well. Are you from a religious background?”

   We walked into my apartment, and sat down on my white couch around the TV. He handed me my McDonalds whilst I answered his question,

     “Not really, well, I mean , my mum’s a Christian, and my sister used to be, so we all used to go to church on a Sunday morning together, but, we turned 13 and Louise stopped being a Christian, and I didn’t wanna go to church on my own, so, yeah...” There was an awkward pause so I questioned him, “What about you?”

     “Yeah, my parents, brother and myself used to go every Sunday, but 5 months ago, when me and Xander moved to England, I had to stop going. I’m pretty sure they still go together, though. Hey, crazy idea! But, maybe we, you know, Xander, you and me, could all start going together? I know there’s a church somewhere around here…”

     “I’d love that.” I smiled. He smiled back, and there was just peaceful silence as I gave Josh the remote to turn on the TV and put something on. He chose a film called ‘The Hunger Games’. I shook my head at his choice of film. The one Xander said he’s in. 

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