Josh Hutcherson FanFic

My sister wanted me to write a fanfic of her and josh..this is the outcome.
I dont't like Josh Hutcherson (sorry) but my sister wants me to write this for her...

Amy meets a guy when she moves into her apartment, they don't expect to be friends with each other, but who knows what could happen ;)

I don't own any copywrited stuff (c)

Thankyou lovelys if you read it :D


3. 3


   I walked over to Xander’s house, seeing as he’s the only person I know here, I decided it would be best to get to know him and Josh more, maybe they aren’t the jerks they act like they are. But then again, if they are, I could just walk out and go back to my house and avoid them whenever’s possible.

     “Who is it?” Someone called from the opposite side of the door.

     “Urm, it’s me…Amy, again.”

   Immediately, the door opened. Josh. I smiled, a weak smile.

     “Hey, just can’t keep away, can you?” He said, sarcastically.

     “Hi, urm, no, it’s just…my stuff doesn’t get here until another 2 hours and a half,”

     “Soo, you wanted to know if you could hang here.” He smiled, turning around to Xander, giving him a face of which I couldn’t read, “Of course you can!”

   He gestured behind him, a sign to welcome me to step the opposite side of the door. I walked inside, and my mouth hung open in shock.

   Looking around at my new surroundings, there was mess everywhere. And I mean, everywhere.

     “So, what d’you think?” Xander questioned me, winking cheekily.

     “Urm…It’s urr…very, different. Yeah, let’s go with that.”

     “I know right?! Just the way I like it.”

     “Hmm…” I murmured, he didn’t hear, thankfully. “So, er…Thanks for letting me hang here, I didn’t really know what else to do… Hey, do you know the wifi code for this building, you know, for when my laptop gets here?”

     “Well yeah…I do, I live here. Haha!” He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

     “Seriously, do you? I have to Skype my um…”

     “Boyfriend?” One of the two guys asked, I’m not sure which though.

     “Uh, yeah-” I swear I saw Josh’s face fall when I answered.

     “Is it, is it serious? The relationship, I mean…” Josh asked, curiously.

     “I guess so, but we’ve only been dating half a year, so, um…” I felt awkward discussing this with these guys, whether it was because I’d only just met them or just purely because it was a very personal, intimate question. “Look, can we talk about something else? I’m not comfortable talking about-”

   They got the hint and changed the subject to Maths. Maths of all things.

     “Xander, how’s your revision going for the math test next semester, then?”

   I found it funny how they said ‘math’ instead of ‘maths’, clearly they were American. I hadn’t noticed until now that they both had American accents.


     “Gooood.” Josh started laughing at how awkward their conversation had gotten.

     “You know, when I said change the subject, I meant to something more…productive. Whereas, this reaally isn’t. Of all things to talk about, Maths,” I said, emphasising the ‘s’ on the end of maths.

     “Well yeah, but I mean its, math.” Josh said, emphasising the whole word, ‘math’.

   I checked my watch. Still 20 minutes to go…

     “Hey look, is that tour still on offer?”

     “Yeah, of course!” Xander replied, linking our elbows.

   We walked back down the hallway, Josh clearly wasn’t sure if he should follow or not, he didn’t, instead he walked to Xander’s kitchen to binge on food.

     “So here, you have this amazing hallway. It’s called, ‘Xander’s hallway’, cos I live on it.”

     “What about the neighbours?”           

     “Pffft, I’m famous, so I name it after myself, obviously.” He flashed a toothy, white smile my way. So, Xander’s famous?!

     “Wha-what are you famous for?”

     “Seriously, you’ve never seen The Hunger Games?!”

     “Well, yeah…sorta, kinda, maybe, urm…no.” He gave me a confused look. “I mean, I’ve seen the first part where that girl, her mother and her sister are in their home, but it looked like a retake of The Boy In Striped Pyjamas, and I cried at that, surprisingly. I couldn’t get myself to watch the rest…how come?”

     “Wow. Uhm, no reason. Someday, I’ll get you to watch it. Tonight, maybe?! If you’re free…”

     “Sure. As long as you don’t um,”

     “Woaah, if you’re thinking what I think you are, don’t worry. I’m not like that, neither is Josh.”


     “No, it’s fine! Don’t be sorry! I must’ve come off as a player…so we’re even.” He said, grinning.

     “The tour…” I said, reminding him of what we were actually meant to be doing.  

   We had now found ourselves in some sort of basement.

   Xander flicked a switch on my right, and the light above us flickered on.

     “Is this, is this the launderette?” I asked.

     “How did you guess?” He replied, winking.

   I looked around; there were 3 rows of washing machines with 2 tumble dryers on each end of them. Washing powders were nowhere to be seen. Obviously, you’d have to get your own then.

     “There’s not much to say about this place, other then it’s a laundrette, but you’ve already covered that…any other questions, before we move on?”

     “No, no. But you might have to show me how these work sometime, they look different to the ones back home.”

     “Sure.” He smiled at me. “Righto, next room, shall we?”

   I started cracking up at his use of words, ‘righto’. I nodded, regardless as he gestured for me to walk ahead of him.

   On my left, there was a brown, wooden door.

     “What’s in here?” I pondered. Xander simply just shook his head,

     “No one knows, we’re not allowed in there. I’m surprised you haven’t got told where you are and aren’t allowed yet.”

     “Well, my estate agent got rushed to hospital, and I don’t think he’ll be back anytime soon…”

     “Oh, right. Well, you’re lucky you have me then.” He said, cheerfully.

     “That I am.” I laughed, sarcastically.

   We carried on walking, him pointing out random things like, ‘plant pots’, ‘windows’, and ‘mud stains’, all the while, me pretending to be interested, playing along with his game.

   We made it to an archway; from looking in, it looked like a dining room.

   Xander pointed to it, and said, “That. Is the precious lounge, where we eat our food and socialise with the other low lives living within our civilisationship here.” He obviously saw me frowning at his choice of words, so carried on speaking, “Obviously, by that, I mean, the amazing people that live within this skyscraper.”

     “Alright then…Where’s the kitchen?”

     “Oh, are you gonna make me a sandwich? BOOM! Hahaha!” He was rolling on the floor laughing (literally) at his prejudice joke.

     “Oh haha. That was so funny. Please, enlighten me with another.” My tone smelt like sarcasm.

     “You know I was joking though, right?” He smirked.

     “D’uh. Why would I wanna make you a sandwich?”

     “Cos you love me,” He paused, then carried on, “Who doesn’t. I’m just a lovable person. Everyone loves the Xandmaster.”

   He playfully knocked my arm, showing he was teasing. 

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