A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


22. Theif

Ash's P.O.V

I woke up and Niall was still asleep so I decided to go and take a shower I watched him for a bit his chest rising and falling, his hair all ruffled up my god he was so gorgeous. I quickly kissed him on the cheek and grabbed my stuff and went to the bathroom.

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up and heard the shower running, Ash was in there...wait this is my perfect opportunity, i jumped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I turned the handle and sneaked in, luckily she had her back to me. I was so tempted to join her...I stopped myself from laughing and grabbed all of the towels and her clothes. I sneaked out and quietly shut the door.

Ash's P.O.V

I stepped out of the shower only to find that all of my clothes had disappeared "What the..."

There were no towels either "Oh my god!" I bet it was Niall he still had to get me back for me walking in on him. I opened the door just a crack "Niall!"     "Gabby" there was no answer so I quickly ran from the bathroom to Niall's room as soon as I was in I slammed the door shut with my head to the door.

"Well I didn't expect to see that" I turned around to see Niall sitting on the end of the bed looking at me I gasped then tried to cover myself up.

"YOU ARE EVIL!" I said he threw me a towel laughing,

"Hmm...Now we are even...no wait no we aren't I haven't forgotten the drawing" he said winking at me.

He got up, moved over to me and grabbed me by the waist pulling me closer to him. He started kissing me from my arm up to my neck. I could feel him kissing me, sucking on my neck I moaned in delight. He laughed then looked at me,

"Shame that looks like it's going to leave a mark" he winked at me then walked out the room leaving me there to get dressed.

Niall's P.O.V

Well my plan worked, she looked so good I just wanted her there and then. Niall control yourself! I walked downstairs and saw Gabby on the sofa she refused to share the bed with Ash so I decided to take her space in the bed she was still fast asleep so I went into the kitchen.

Ash's P.O.V

I came downstairs and Niall was on the phone so I started making myself some cereal he hung up then came up behind me and started kissing my neck making me completely lose track of what I was doing. He stepped back and sat down at the table,

"You are such a tease" I said laughing and sitting down with him

"Ahh so It's working then...oh I have to go out today I should be back about 4:00 try not to miss me" he winked then laughed.

"That's fine me and Gabby will probably spend the day catching up and stuff so no worries"

"Okay see you later babe" We kissed again everytime we kissed I could feel the sparks each time there was just as much passion as the last. He pulled away and I pouted

"Cya later love"   "Okay bye"

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