A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


16. The Fans and Simon

Niall's P.O.V

We got back to mine and it was roughly 10:00 so not late enough to go to bed yet, "Fancy a hot chocolate?"  "Hmm that sounds nice yes please". I made my way to the kitchen and started making a hot chocolate when my phone started ringing

"Hello?"   "Hello Niall it's Simon"

"Oh hi Simon, everything okay?" he never normally rung me

"Yes...kind of what's going on with you and this girl you have been pictured with?" 

"Ash?" I asked confused  "Yes I suppose that's her"

"Oh well erm we are kind of dating I think, I don't know"   "Right does anyone know?" Simon asked making me really agitated,

"Nope, It's not exactly certain yet" I said worried

"Well get back to me ASAP when you know what it is, I need details"

"Alright then cya later Simon" 

"Bye" and with that he hung up.

I made the hot chocolate and went back into the living room "That took you long enough" she started to laugh then noticed the worried look on my face "What's wrong?".

"Simon rang"    "Simon what did he want?"   "Well he wants us to do an interview talking about our relationship" I watched her every move, she looked confused


"Well I guess we are kind of dating, I mean if that's okay with you"

"How romantic" she said rolling her eyes

"Look Ash, I really want to be with you but I don't want to rush into things. I would love for you to be my girlfriend but I'm bad with rejection" I babbled before realising what I just said

"Really? Me? of course I will"  

"Really thank god".   

"Why did you think I would say no?" she asked looking suspicious "Just because...you're not like most girls, you're beautiful but you don't rub it in people's faces." She looked down, had I said the wrong thing

"Well tomorrow I have to do an interview and most likely you will have to come and they will ask questions"

"Will I have to answer them?" she asked nervously

"Not if you don't want to"

"Sure I'll come"

"Thank you, but just let me know if you get uncomfortable I don't want you getting nervous"

"Aww you're so sweet of course I will, when can we tell all the fans" she asked intrigued "I don't know I'll go ring Simon"

Ash's P.O.V

He asked me, he asked me to be his girlfriend, how would his girls react would they be happy finally one of the boys dating a true fan, it was about time or would they hate on me. It's fine I'll just be nice and ignore it I guess. I logged onto twitter to see how many followers I was at when I looked at my mentions when a tweet stood out

"Hey guys don't hate on @Ash_J_Horan she's a lovely girl and has been through a lot she's so lucky to have @NiallOfficial looking after her."

There was some hate but a lot of people were worried about my health and were being so lovely, it was official everyone had found out what happened I started to reply to some people giving my thanks for their support. Then I decided to do a tweet overall

"Hey guys thanks for your amazing support it has been hard but you guys are great thank you all xxx"

I then logged off as Niall came into the room "So..." I said  "Well we can't tell them just yet but we can tell them after the magazine has been published"

"And that will be..."  "A week"  "A WEEK so we have to pretend we aren't dating for a week"   "Yeah but be lucky I got it down from a month" he laughed.

"Well I s'pose we can hide away for a bit".

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