A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


10. Shopping

Ash's P.O.V

I turned on the T.V. as Harry got up ready to go "Are you not coming love?" Harry looked at me questioning me as Niall did the same next to him, "I thought you guys would want to go alone, plus I'm not exactly dressed for shopping".

Niall disappeared and came back with some fresh clothes this time some chino's and a polo top, "Go get changed then" I looked up at him a little embarrassed

"It's not just that" He looked at me confused "OOHH she means underwear Niall" Harry got it then burst out laughing me and Niall blushed a little. "Oh well I can give you some boxers but I don't have any erm...top halves" he tried to avoid the word.

"Yeah Niall ran out of bra's the other day he needs to wash them you see" Harry just kept taking advantage of Niall's shyness. I laughed again and Niall disappeared and came back with some boxers probably some old ones since they seemed small enough to fit me, I walked off to the bathroom.

Niall's P.O.V

"So who's the girl?" Harry asked

"Well she ran away from home and as I was on the way back from the gym I saw a guy attacking her, and I pulled him off and brought her back to my house then we had to go to hospital but it's all fine now besides her family but I can't help that".

"Aww Niall aren't you the hero, she's pretty" Harry said I know what he's trying

"Yeah I s'pose she is" He smiled at me and dropped the subject as she came down the stairs.

"What kind of Idiot runs away from home and brings, a clip and make-up but not clothes or underwear" she blushed I loved it when she did that,

"I didn't think it through that well...okay". Harry just laughed I decided to make the atmosphere less awkward and started to leave and walked out the front door.

The journey to the shopping centre was rather funny because harry kept cracking jokes, I drove, Harry sat in the passenger seat and Ash sat in the back. When we arrived I quickly jumped out slammed the door and opened the door behind only to find Ash had gotten out the other side, I went red and tried to hide it by pretending to look for something in the car. We walked in and Ash looked around "WOW! This is massive!" me and Harry both looked at her "What you think this is big?" I asked her "Yeah it is, the biggest shopping centre's that I have ever been to are are like a box compared to this". Me and Harry started laughing she blushed and looked down, "Right where first" Harry asked knowing my answer "TOPMAN!" I yelled grabbing Ash's hand showing her the way.

Ash's P.O.V

He grabbed my hand, I felt a spark between us something was there, or was there maybe it was just me. I tried to forget about it but I really felt something, Niall walked off around the shop and Harry disappeared to another section I told Niall that I was going to the girl's section (TopShop), he just nodded so I wandered off. I found a beautiful cream and black dress the top half was cream with a black flower pattern going up the shoulder, there was a black silk belt sewn onto the dress and then underneath was a black cotton material covered by netting. I looked around and couldn't see Niall or Harry so I decided to try it on.

Harry's P.O.V

I found loads of clothes that I like but didn't want to blow loads of money just in one shop so I just got a few things and wandered over to Niall he had gotten a few tops and a pair of shorts even though it was winter. "Niall it's winter and you're getting shorts" I laughed at him

"Yeah for the summer they are nice I don't want to lose the chance" I laughed again. "Where is Ash" suddenly realising she wasn't with him, "She went to the girl's section I was just going to find her"

We wandered around and couldn't find her, Niall started to get panicked "Maybe she's trying something on" I said trying to comfort Niall. We wandered over to the dressing rooms and waited we would soon find out if she was here because there was no mirrors in the changing cubicles so she would have to come out if she wanted to see what she looked like.

Niall's P.O.V

A curtain was pulled and out she stepped in a beautiful black and cream dress, she looked amazing the way her hair laid even with the bandage over her shoulder she looked absolutely stunning "WOW!" i said a little too loud as she noticed me and Harry standing there then quickly scurried back into the changing section. Harry laughed at me "What! I said looking at him"

"Niall you're drooling" I wiped my chin but nothing was there he laughed again. Then she came back out and looked at us both, she walked straight past us put the dress back on the rack and walked over to us. Suddenly one of the women from the counter walked up to me

"Excuse me but you have an inappropriate drawing on your neck if you do not remove it we will have to ask you to leave" Suddenly Ash and Harry burst into laughter

"What the hell is she on about" I said with the anger building up inside me

"Erm well..." Ash began before being cut off by Harry "It was all her!" Harry said pointing at Ash. She just laughed

"Niall you erm...have a dick drawn on your neck" she burst out laughing again, I looked in the mirror and couldn't see it until I twisted my neck into a position that hurt I started trying to rub my neck it faded a little bit. Harry and Ash were still laughing, "Where we off to next then?" she said once she had calmed down "Wait aren't you going to get the dress?" she looked great why wouldn't she want it. "Oh no I was trying for fun plus I could never afford the stuff in here, I am trying to save up" she winked at us then laughed. "Harry, take her to Nando's order my usual I'll be along in a minute okay?" I whispered to Harry he just shrugged "Let's eat!"

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