A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


24. Protect

Niall's P.O.V

I got closer to my house when I realised my front door was open, why was it open? weird maybe Ash went for a walk and forgot to close it, I'm sure it's fine. I pushed the door open a bit more and stepped in hesitantly, I turned the corner to see Ash curled up on the floor with blood over her face and sobbing quietly. I ran over to her and put my hand on her shoulder she flinched and screamed

"Ash...calm down it's me...what happened?" Why was she like this what happened, she carried on sobbing I pulled her up so that she was cuddling into my chest. After a few minutes I realised that Gabby wasn't in the room

"Ash where is Gabby?" She suddenly shot up and started panicking


"Who? Ash who did this to you?" Someone had hurt her..on purpose

She looked down and mumbled something I couldn't hear "Who?"

"It was Dan"  "WHAT? DAN YOUR BROTHER DID THIS TO YOU!" I was fuming how could someone do this especially to their sister

"Niall calm down we just need to check Gabby is safe"

"You stay here if she see's you like this it will scare her even more"

Ash's P.O.V

Why did I tell him I don't want Dan to get in trouble and remember what he said 'Next time Gabby get's it too! and that pretty little boyfriend of yours' OH NO I can't let Niall get involved what if he gets hurt I need to make sure they are both safe. Niall came downstairs with Gabby, she hadn't noticed me

"Stay here I'll be back in a minute do not answer the door to anybody okay?".

A few minutes later Niall came back in without Gabby I started panicking again and he must have understood from my expression because he quickly said

"Don't worry she's okay Liam and Danielle are looking after her while I clean you up".

Niall's P.O.V

I was wiping the blood off of her face so that i could see how bad her cuts were when she started giggling

"What?" I questioned

"Did you know your cute when your controlling" she carried on giggling as I blushed

"Then maybe I should be more protective of you ".

Ash's P.O.V

We finished sorting out my cuts and bruises, "Ash?"  "Yeah?" he looked thoughtfully at me

"Has he done this before?" He was clearly talking about Dan

"Only when he's drunk but the day after he would say he was sorry and give us hugs he never means anything he says when he is drunk" It was true he loved us just drink would get the better of him.

"That doesn't make it acceptable!"

"I know but he's my brother and I can't just turn my back on him"

"Do your parents know?" I looked down not wanting to tell him but I knew he wouldn't just drop it

"No...I thought about telling them before but ... I suppose I never thought they would care... He's never hurt Gabby before, just me" Tears were forming in my eyes I tried to hide it when all of a sudden his hand was under my chin pulling it up to look into his eyes. He kissed me but this time it was different, it was still passionate but there was something about it the sparks were more extreme, I got up and walked into the living room expecting him to follow.

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