A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


13. Morning

Harry's P.O.V

I sneaked round to Niall's house because I didn't have any coffee left so I slipped in and went into his kitchen I grabbed the coffee then heard snoring from upstairs, I decided to investigate, as I walked upstairs it got louder I opened the bedroom door and there lay Niall with Ash in his arms I took this opportunity to take a picture for a future bribe, then sneaked downstairs and left.

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up and Ash was cuddled up to me great how am I going to get out of this I chose to wait for her to wake up. I lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about how I was planning to ask her out, I decided to take her to dinner tonight because Harry had basically told me to man up and ask her out and that was what I planned to do. That's why I loved being close to the boys they were always there if I needed to talk and always had the best advice.

Ash's P.O.V

I woke up and could feel another body that I was cuddled up to, I opened one eye to see Niall looking up at the ceiling in deep thought I shut my eye again hoping he hadn't noticed.

"Morning Lovely" Damn

"Morning" I said sitting up and rubbing my eyes, he laughed I looked at him

"What?!"  "Nothing just you woke up but pretended to sleep for a bit longer" how the hell did he know that

"I don't know what you're talking about"  "Your breathing changed when you woke up" Oh damn.

"I was thinking maybe we can go to dinner tonight instead of staying in?"

"Yeah sounds great...Wait I have nothing to wear!" he smiled, then got up and walked off. He came back carrying a Topshop bag, when had he gone there, I questioned him "What's that?"

"Just Open it" he had taped it shut as if it was a present. I eventually got into it and soon realised it was a dress...wait it was the dress I tried on. I gasped looking at the dress in awe "Like it?" he asked studying my reaction,

"I love it Niall but honestly you shouldn't have"

"It's not for you" he laughed taking it back and holding it up to his body "Does it suit me?" he laughed I joined in.

"Definately but you might want to shave your legs people might think you're a wookie...I'll wax them for you" He dropped the dress on the bed and ran away whilst shouting "NO WAY!" I grabbed the razor from the bathroom and chased after him, laughing. I heard him trying to stop himself from laughing he was clearly hiding in the living room. I walked in trying to act secretive and before I knew it he had grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me to the floor, I tried pinning him down but it didn't work he just rolled me over and was pinning me down. He started leaning in and I did the same just as our lips touched his phone started buzzing making us both jumped.

Niall's P.O.V

I could hear her sneaking down the stairs when all of a sudden she appeared in the room something in my instinct wanted me to hold her. I lunged forward and grabbed her from around the waist and pulled her down to the floor we were both laughing our heads off, she tried to get me down but I was too strong and rolled her over so that I was pinning her down. This was my chance I stared into her beautiful eyes as she stared back I took this chance to lean in, she copied my moves and just as our lips touched "BZZZZZ" my phone great. We were so close, this text better be important I got up and grabbed my phone,

From Harry: GOTCHA!!!!

I read it and was really confused until I saw a picture attached I opened it and saw a picture of me and Ash cuddled up together, I started laughing and she had gotten up and was now sitting on the sofa looking at me confused. "Here take a look" I said showing her the picture she laughed with me.

"Who took that?"   "Harry" I replied  "Tell him he's a perv for taking pictures of us sleeping" "Will do"

To Harry: Thanks for the picture you ruined the perfect moment and Ash says you're a perv for taking pictures of us sleeping you weirdo

"Let's get some breakfast" I said standing up and taking Ash's hand in mine "Okay" she said smiling. My phone buzzed again

From Harry: Why what was you getting up to? ;) and tell her I learn from the best ;)

I laughed "What?" she said watching me   "He says he learns from the best"   "Who was that aimed at?" she looked at me with her eyebrows raised. 

I blushed "I may have taken a few sleeping pictures in my time" I said laughing, "Don't start with me" she said skipping out the room.

To Harry: I'll explain later she loved the dress btw

From Harry: Okay man and good now just ask her out

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