A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


5. How?

"Is she gonna be okay? Is there anything I can do to help her?" I recognised this voice it was a man where had i heard it before?

"She's going to be okay, but it's best that she rests for a couple of days, is there anyone she can stay with?" who was that it was a new voice, a woman this time.

"She can stay with me it's fine" It was that voice again, the one that had saved me. Why did he want to help me?

"Okay well the wound wasn't deep enough to cause severe damage but it will scar she needs to take 2 of these at each meal and 1 of these when she wakes up and again before bed okay?"

"Yes of course" I tried to open my eyes, I wanted to see who they were, I wanted to protest that I was fine. My eyelids felt like they had weights on them they were so heavy. I eventually opened my eyes after a few minutes the other man had left by now, my eyes opened to a bright light shining in my eyes

"Argh!" I said squinting at the light,

"What's wrong? are you in pain? NURSE!" he sounded so worried

"No I'm fine it's just the lights". The lights turned off and I opened my eyes again

"much better thanks", a woman came in panting as if she had been running

"Sorry I thought she was in pain...She is awake though" The man spoke again

"Oh okay that's fine" she said sounding a bit irritated before turning towards me. "How are you feeling darling? Are you in any pain at all?"

"No, no I'm fine, what happened?" I said looking at her with confusion, ever since the Irish one had mentioned stab wound, I felt hazy memories.

"You were in an accident but don't panic, it's a good job he was there otherwise anything could have happened" she pointed to the other side of the bed but i kept my eyes on her.

"Where am I?" I needed to know

"You're at Parsons Green NHS Walk-in Centre in London"

"Oh" Everything came flooding back to me, the arguments, the train station and ...the guy. Tears started to form in my eyes I closed my eyes so that no-one noticed "Where is my stuff?" This time the guy spoke up,

"I have it, you don't need to worry", the woman left I then decided to take this opportunity to look at my 'hero'. I gasped shocked at standing right before me was Niall fricking Horan! I lifted my arm up in attempts to sort out the mess that was my hair.

"Oww" my arm ached as I attempted this.

"What are you doing you're meant to rest not worry about your hair, no-one's gonna see you you're in hospital" he laughed and grabbed my hand making it rest on the bed, I blushed "Yo..Your...Ni...Niall...Horan" he laughed again I completely forgot about the pain as I heard him laugh. "Obviously I save a fan, what are the chances".

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