A Directioners Dream

Ash is a your normal Directioner obsessed with the boys or dedicated some may say, Ash has had a hard time growing up and one decision changes everything tipping her world upside down.


8. Getting to know you

Ash's P.O.V

We talked throughout the whole of dinner, he learnt things about me and I learnt things about him that fans definitely didn't know. After dinner we both went into the living room and turned on the T.V. to watch a movie, "Let's watch Charlie St Cloud" he said enthusiastically "I've never seen that film it looks good".

Uh-Oh "Erm maybe we should watch something else" Everytime I watched Charlie St Cloud I cried like a baby.

"Pleeeeaasseee" Great how do I say no to that accent, "Fine" I need to hold myself together I thought to myself.

"Yes I win hahaha" I looked at him and smiled. He put it on and we started watching I could feel a tear drip down my cheek I tried to hide it but it was too late he had seen it.

"Aww are you crying" he said in a mocking way,

"No I just poked myself in the eye"

"Haha I know that's a lie" he moved over to sit next to me and he put his arm around me, wow he had big muscles, just at that point I got a shiver up my spine, he laughed once more and pulled me closer. We watched the whole film like that, me crying at the usual bits he just laughed when I did, as it finished I chose a film but we didn't really watch it because we were too busy talking.

Niall's P.O.V.

In my head I kept thinking the same question and I was dying to know the answer so I decided to ask her "So since you are such an obsessed fan which boy is your favourite",

"Erm we don't have favourite's we just have that special feeling towards a certain boy and it's not an obsession it's dedication" she was trying to avoid the question. 

"Rigghht...so who is it?" she shifted a bit then told me, "Well actually it was you" I smiled, maybe a little too much

"Great now I wish I didn't tell you, now you are going to be cocky about it". I stopped smiling then put on a mocking serious face

"Now, was I actually your favourite or did you just say that to make me feel good?" she blushed a bit before replying

"If you don't believe me check my twitter", I laughed evily and reached for the laptop. "No wait I was joking" she tried to stop me but I was logged in damn i needed her name.

"So...err what is your twitter name then?" I tried to act casual it didn't work, "I don't have twitter she lied. "Fine then I shall type in Ash and look at all of them until I find you, and I will ignore you until I have found your account",

"Okay, Okay I'll save you the trouble but you have to promise not to laugh" I held my hand up "...It's @Ash_J_Horan" Suddenly I burst out laughing. She went beetroot and tried to look sulky so that I would stop laughing, it didn't work,

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh so much, it's just you based your whole twitter on me" I started laughing again. "No not my whole twitter I do tweet about normal stuff aswell" she said trying to defend herself I was now scrolling through her tweets,

"Yeah like waking up late, or replying to people"   "Exactly" she shouted eagerly I just laughed at how eager she was to prove me wrong. I started reading out her tweets making her blush like mad.

"Holy shit Niall you Irish Beast" I burst out laughing when i saw the pictures and tweets she had about me

"Jesus that's creepy"

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