Darius Shan - The Decendent of the Lords

Darius is the son of Steve Leonard and nephew of Darren Shan. This is his story, and how the universe changed when his ancestors changed their fates and tricked destiny...


1. Family History

Darren Shan... That's my uncles name. He's a half vampire, a vampire prince! Well he was. That was until Steve Leonard - my father put an end to him and changed the destiny of the universe.

My father had convinced me that vampires were cruel foul creatures that always murdered humans when they drank their blood. Later I found out that this wasn't true. My father was a vampaneze - who are in a way, cousins of the vampires. They broke away from the vampire clan many years ago due to them not wanting to be controlled - by the vampire princes. They also felt it their responsibility to kill when they drank blood in order to consume the humans soul, in their eyes this was noble. Anyone with a hint of humanity could never do such as thing on a regular basis.

Well a quick sum up of my fathers and uncles lives were that they were the sons of Mr Tiny, he had mapped out their lives so that one of them would become The Lord of the Shadows and act as Mr Tiny's sidekick to take over the world and destroy it for his entertainment. He despises peace and love. In some way's he's my grandfather, but not in my eyes. In my eyes he is pure evil. My uncle put an end to his plans of destruction though, in the last battle he stabbed my father Steve and then let Steve to take his life. He saved the vampire, vampaneze and human races, and for that I'm pretty proud of my uncle.

One thing I forgot to mention... I'm also a creature of the night. Which one? A vampire or vampaneze you ask, well i'd rather not say at this moment in time.

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