Darius Shan - The Decendent of the Lords

Darius is the son of Steve Leonard and nephew of Darren Shan. This is his story, and how the universe changed when his ancestors changed their fates and tricked destiny...


2. Creature of the Night

Sooo i'm a creature of the night... before I didn't really want to tell you about my own past but I think it's probably best to.

A vampire or vampaneze you ask, well I have been both. First a vampaneze and now a vampire.

My father tricked me into thinking that the vampaneze were the 'good guys' of the night and I trusted him so I allowed him to pump some of his blood into me to make me a half-vampaneze. However when me and my mother - Annie found out that the vampaneze were actually the so called 'bad guys', we gave permission to Darren to pump some of his vampire blood into me and hope for the best that it was successful transaction. It was possible that we would both die during the process but the luck of the vampire was with us both. 

We survived, Darren sacrificed himself for the population of all races and left me behind to come to grips with my new skills as well as the drawbacks that came with them...

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