Deeply in love with u

U are simon( one directions manager ) cuson go to visit him at the studio and try to cheer him up after a bad thing u have a band called the dimands u aren't that famous u fall in love with Harry styles and drama action and tons of stuff


6. She is dead!!

Mariam's POV : I woke up with a headache I Assad the boys and zeina and Joanne and jessy " why are u guys crying " I asked " salma" was what Liam said " what !!how!?!!" seriously how did she die" her car was culled with booms " niall said but then I saw someone who looked like salma I really did but then it or her vanished like a ghost -5 hours earlier - Salmas POV: The cops told me I have to disappear like vanish what about Liam what about the diamonds " how are u gounna say that I died" I asked hopefully " oh,um..we will put booms for ur car to explode then u have to get a small bag put what u need and come ur going to start ur life as my cousin until we find the killer" he said while looking at the papers and said that no pictures no friends nothing and no boyfriends now that gotta be hard     s

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