Deeply in love with u

U are simon( one directions manager ) cuson go to visit him at the studio and try to cheer him up after a bad thing u have a band called the dimands u aren't that famous u fall in love with Harry styles and drama action and tons of stuff


3. Secrets

Harry's POV:
After the concert I talked to Mariam then I saw her leavei followed her I saw her giving her jacket to a poor lady and the umbrella she was wet so I went outside and I gave her my jacket she said thanks and then we looked on each other I couldn't I had to kiss her ,so..,I did I felt sparks no fireworks then we heard sounds from behind the tree we tiptoed their and saw zayn and zeina laughing at silly jokes then ....they.....kissed
The kiss was perfect
Salmas POV:
Joanne told me to go and buy tacos for her I went and on my back I saw aman and heard screaming when I came closer I saw him killing that por lady when I let out a gasp he turned his back and faced me and started to follow me I ran and ran and ran till I reached a dumpster and hide in it then when I came back home I didn't tell anyone anything I couldn't so I went to the cops and told them what I saw they said" I have to hide or run cuz this killer saw me and now he is after me what do I do
Harry's POV:
There was a knock on the door I opened it then I saw Taylor swift on the door " hello boyfriend I missed u" she said" sorry Taylor but remember when I left newyork ya that's when we where over" I said coldly then I closed the,good.we had to go to see Mariam's friends
Jessie's POV:
I was having fun with Louise he understood me so however we decided to go to check on salma and Liam and Niall and Joanne and zayn and zeina ,Louise was driving on the rode there was a Cow so Louis drifted the car and the car flipped then ....

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