Deeply in love with u

U are simon( one directions manager ) cuson go to visit him at the studio and try to cheer him up after a bad thing u have a band called the dimands u aren't that famous u fall in love with Harry styles and drama action and tons of stuff


4. Missing part 1

Then the car landed on its roof and we all fainted in the middle of the flipping then it was dark
Taylor's POV:
Iam going to get my revenge sooner or later, I decided to hire some men to help track hi, and her ,when I find him he is going to be mine so when there car landed I appended the door with a push of a finger and told the men to get here out thank god there guards weren't there and emptied the fuel and I took her friend Jessie too to make her suffer too Hahahahaha
Louis POV:
I woke up and looked around me but I couldn't remember a thing then I remembered what happened I saw veryone but Mariam where is she and Jessie the girl of my dreams !!!!!!
Salmas POV:
The cops told me the killer his name is gosh rosfeild he killed 99 people only in London !! So the cops told me I should hide or stay out of site but I can't lie to my friends so when they arrive I have to tell them
Mariam's POV:
She took us to a dark cabbin and turtured ME she told me to back of Harry or else....then she called the man they put us in the cold without scarfs or anything I got sick so did jessy but Jessie wasn't breathing was she dead I hope not

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