Deeply in love with u

U are simon( one directions manager ) cuson go to visit him at the studio and try to cheer him up after a bad thing u have a band called the dimands u aren't that famous u fall in love with Harry styles and drama action and tons of stuff


1. Love at first sight

Marims point of view
"hey girls , sorry can't make it today for the concert I have to go and see my uncle" I said while putting on my jean shorts which have gold zippers brushed my hair and wore my half stomach shirt and classic brown shoe . "k ,but I wanna cone" Jessie said she is the prank master and she is funky !and then jouanne answered "me to" with tacos in here mouth yet eats a lot yet she doesn't get fat weird right she is cute she is like Jessie with light brown hair color . Then when we where about to leave I heard salma screaming " GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM NOW!!!". Well this is salma the mommy dimands she is so struck yet funny and smart now zeina was in the bathroom cuz she was still fixing her hair she takes 1 hour to finish .what a family
-when we reach the studio-
"hey uncle Sam" I call him Sam for short.he didn't answer then I saw his eyes they where puffy then I saw a paper in his Hand that said "sorry I won't perform today at 9:00 sorry from hazza" what I can't believe that
Zeinas POV:
I was a bit disappointed that we couldnt perform but I was fine cz I never met her uncle . When we reached the studio and I saw her uncle was FUCKING Simon couell I guess that's why her family name was couell
I stood on the stage and called Jessie and we stated to sing I know he love" my life would suck without u " so we started singing and dancing then I saw zeina wearing rabbit ears approaching us and singing and acting like an idiot then Louise came then Liam then naill then zayn weird isn't it then I saw Simon clap his hands while laughing so hard "well done Tory "my nickname.and then we started high diving each other .then I remembered that Harry wasn't there so i asked them "where is Harry ?" " in his bedroom crying his eyes out cuz Taylor broke up with him" Liam said " umm..can I go see him" I asked shyly ,"sure" naill said
Jessie's POV:
Finally Tory left so I can talk to Louise without getting disturbed I saw him approache "u have a nice voice" Louise said he so sweet "thanks but no "I said coldly "no don't say that ur voice is nice" he said Femly "wanna sing" I asked "sure"
Louises POV:
She is soooo cute I love it's just like love at first sight she reminds me of elanor but I tried to stay strong and went to talk to get her voice is so angelitic
-back to Tory and Harry-
Tory's POV:
I heard glass breaking and screaming and I saw tissues I dissided to come in so" hi harry iam Mariam Simons cousin may I come in?" I asked softly "NO!" was all he said " please let's just talk " I said " ok" he said I came in and opened the door I saw his hand bleeding I ripped half of my shirt with the scissors and put it on his bleeding hand he screamed in pain but stopped then I told him " you might have thought Taylor is th one but she isn't your tears are not worth her and trust me she will regret dumping u "I said softly
Harry's POV:
She looked so pretty her eyes her face her body ,I feel stupid for being mean to her ,when she told me that I felt happy relieved "really" I asked with hope " yes" she answered truthfully we had an eye contact for a while " you shouldn't cancel your show someone like her u have to think of ur fans of Simon of everyone who you might let them down" she said she was right " I won't " I said looking at her beautiful eyes " amazing " she said hugging me then we went out Hand in hand and I told Simon I changed my mind

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