Deeply in love with u

U are simon( one directions manager ) cuson go to visit him at the studio and try to cheer him up after a bad thing u have a band called the dimands u aren't that famous u fall in love with Harry styles and drama action and tons of stuff


2. Life

Simon got so happy .then I saw the boys come " your back buddy" they all said .then isaw her standing on the stage performing with her friends her voice was like mine then her dance moves WOW was what I said
Mariam's or Torys POV:
"what happened between u and Harry " jouan asked when did she come oh.....right they came after they heard 1D is in the house!."we have to leave we have an interview then shopping then back here " salma said looking at Liam she loves him I know that .them we went and huged them all when I reached Harry he kissed my check and said" thank you for making me feel better" he said it Sended me shivers down my spine we went
-at the interview-
Mariam's POV:
The interviewer " so who is ur celebrity crush" she asked we said " 1D" at the same time while raising our hands up" know but who ?" " Tory /Harry ,zeina /zayn and Salma/ Liam and me/ Louise and jouanne/ naill" Jessie said "ok" the interviewer said" now u girls have to sing " she said (interviewer) we started and sang we are who we are by little mix while we where singing we got girls on stage 5 and started singing with them they where really cute then we went shopping it was boring we got kicked out of shops just for making noise then when we went back to the studio we saw a note " dear diamonds we are at the show to perform here are tickets and and backstage ones hope to see u there xxxxxxxx1D"
-at the concert -
Salmas POV:
They where amassing I just which Bryan was here see he is my bro and he was killed at the age of five and Liam was staring at the concert I just I dounno I like him so as usual jouane was eating and acting like a five year old

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