Secret Family

Meet Arianna Tomlinson, a normal 14 year old with big dreams to be a singer. She's grown up in a care home with several other care kids. When her friends Carmen, Lily, Tee and her boyfriend Johnny encourage her to enter Britain's Got Talent, she uncovers a secret.


1. Come On Darling

"Come on Ari! You just have to enter this show!" Carmen begged. Arianna shook her head, "I'm far too shy!" she replies. Carmen, Arianna and two other girls, Lily and Tee, all were sitting on the couch, watching Britain's Got Talent on the TV. "Hey girls," Johnny, Tee's older brother and Arianna's boyfriend, said, "Watching that show again?!" he complained. "We want Arianna to join the show!" Tee said, smiling. "I said no, I'm not joining!" Arianna glared at Tee. "Aww, Ari, you're a good singer, you should join!" Johnny said and he sat down next to Arianna. Arianna sat up straighter, crossing her arms, "No. End of." she frowned. "Johnny, the auditions are next week! This is a repeat of the finals from two weeks ago!" Lily muttered. Johnny gave Arianna a kiss on the cheek, then he stood up from the sofa. "Mike! Gina!" Johnny shouted, walking out of the living room, "Oh no...." Arianna whispered and went after Johnny. "Don't ask them for an audition for me!" Arianna yelled after Johnny. Johnny stopped in his tracks, "Well, you ask them then." he replies, smirking. "No. I'm not auditioning at all!" Arianna screamed back. "You're auditioning for what?" Elektra asks. "Britain's Got Talent!" Johnny replies before Arianna had a chance to reply. Arianna gave Johnny a deathly stare, before jumping at him to stop him from telling the care workers Mike and Gina. Johnny tries to shake Arianna off but Arianna clings on to Johnny tightly, her arms wrapped around Johnny. "I'm not letting you tell Mike or Gina!" Arianna said, clinging onto Johnny. "Elektra! Tell Mike and Gina to apply for an audition for Ari!" Johnny asked Elektra, tickling Arianna. Arianna squealt a bit, "No! Don't tell Mike or Gina! Please!" Arianna begged. "Well, in that case....... GINA!" Elektra screamed. "What's all this noise for?!" Gina yelled, "Arianna here was about to ask for an audition on Britain's Got Talent. Johnny wanted to tell you, but obviously, Arianna wanted to tell you herself," Elektra replied, smirking. Arianna piped up "No, I wasn't-" "That's fantastic news! You're a brilliant singer, you'll win easily!" Gina interrupted. "No. I don't want to audition!" Arianna snapped. "Don't use that tone!" Gina told Arianna off. Arianna let go of Johnny, "I don't care! Nobody listens to what I say!" Arianna snapped again. She stomped up the stairs, shoving Elektra out of the way. "Hey!" Elektra yelled. Elektra was the bully of the home and she always got what she wanted. Johnny gave Elektra and Gina a ghastly glare, before running up the stairs. Arianna flung open the door to the room she shared with Tee, and she plodded on her bed at the corner of the room. Johnny knocked on the door, "Come in" Arianna replied. "Sorry about that babe," Johnny says as he entered the room, "Come and sit here," Arianna smiles, patting at the empty space next to her. "You okay?" Johnny asks, Arianna replies with a nod, "I actually might audition, but I've blown my only chance of going to London." she mumbles. Johnny puts his arms around Arianna's, and hugged her, "I'm sure I can get Liam and Jack to help us out. Or even Sapphire," he whispered into Arianna's ear. "Jack can't help us sneak out, he's a police man! Liam doesn't come and visit anymore. Sapphire, well, she would help but she lives twenty miles away," Arianna replies, stating why the three ideal 'helpers' can't help out. "Well we wouldn't sneak out, we could ask Tracy to pretend to take us both on a day out when we both are actually going to get you an audition!" Johnny jumps up from the bed, while Arianna rises one eyebrow, "Get your phone, you're calling Tracy Beaker!" she says, jumping up to give Johnny a hug. 



Sorry for the rubbish chapter! I had ideas for the other chapters, but not for the first chapter! I thought,  'Why not blend the new programme The Dumping Ground and 1D' so, yeah :3 Enjoy! 

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