Writing Essentials - Tips and Techniques

Utilise this movella to aid your writing needs from punctuation to correct verb usage! You will review important mechanics of writing in order to create sentences that express coherence and fervour. Each chapter in this movella will discuss various writing tools that have the ability to turn any piece of writing into a magnificent work of art.


7. Word Styles

Practically everything is published electronically, so this chapter is relevant to everyone. I am sure all of you are familiar with the bolditalics, and underline tools found on word document software. In writing, these tools are commonly used for emphasis, such as visual suprafix.

Take a look at these three sentences. As you read each sentence, inflect your voice for the underlined words.

I didn't know you were going.

I didn't know you were going.

I didn't know you were going.

The first sentence emphasises that it is the speaker that did not know. The second sentence emphasises that the speaker did not know it was you who was going. The third sentence emphasises that the speaker did not know that you were doing an action of going. Notice that with suprafix, we can modify the focus of the sentence visually instead of letting the reader blindly guess what is more important.

For those who write enough to know that context is very hard to depict in text, creating suprafixes in your writing will definitely clarify any ambiguous complexity.

There is no set rule when using the bolditalics, and underline tools in word documents, but to provide a simple list of rules, consider the following:

Use bold when addressing terms or nominal phrases in sentences.

Use italics when emphasising specific words in sentences.

Use underline when emphasising importance in sentences.

This is a very unofficial list, so consult your English teacher to see what he or she prefers.


This chapter discussed tools to set a voice within your text. Context clues are a given, but if a sentence requires specific intonations that are difficult to express normally, utilise the three word styles that are available to you!

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