Writing Essentials - Tips and Techniques

Utilise this movella to aid your writing needs from punctuation to correct verb usage! You will review important mechanics of writing in order to create sentences that express coherence and fervour. Each chapter in this movella will discuss various writing tools that have the ability to turn any piece of writing into a magnificent work of art.


3. Singular and Plural Nouns

This chapter is quite easy and straightforward, but it is essential to review topics like this. In English, there are rules that make singular and plural nouns distinguishable, but as with every language, those rules are sometimes broken. We will jump right into them now.

Words that end with an 'S'

Usually, when a word ends with an 'S', simply add an -es to create a plural noun.

Status - Statuses

Virus - Viruses

When a word ends with an 'S', but a 'U' precedes it, the -us is replaced with -i.

Octopus - Octopi (Octopuses is preferred)

Radius - Radii

Take note that many Latin-based words have the -us to -i issue, so consult a dictionary if you are unsure.

Is It Octopuses or Octopi?

Personally, I spell the plural form of "Octopus" as "Octopuses." This is because "Octopus" is not a Latin-based word. The Greeks did not follow the -us to -i structure; thus, we as modern-day speakers of English should follow these rules. However, "Octopuses" and "Octopi" have their own debates.


Just when you thought it was easy, imagine words that have one spelling but can mean both a singular or a plural noun! Here are some examples.

Series, Clothes, Scissors, Deer, Sheep

These are often confusing to non-English speakers, so if you are not one of them, do not worry! You already know there is no such word as "Serie", or "Clothe", or even "Scissor".


Because I stated in chapter 0 that this is not an ESL class, we will end it short here. However, if you have any additional questions regarding this, feel free to post a comment!

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