Writing Essentials - Tips and Techniques

Utilise this movella to aid your writing needs from punctuation to correct verb usage! You will review important mechanics of writing in order to create sentences that express coherence and fervour. Each chapter in this movella will discuss various writing tools that have the ability to turn any piece of writing into a magnificent work of art.


13. Questions As Statements

I am sure you have seen this sentence before:

"Make sure you know what you are talking about for your essay before you start writing."

It looks like a properly composed sentence, yes, but look at the number of words used just to create that sentence. Fortunately, English has various types of grammatical structures that can shorten a sentence, making a concise and straightforward statement.

"Ensure the main subject of your essay before writing."

Short and simple.


This chapter focuses on a particular syntax that is common for writers; it is used as a go-to method of writing complex sentences.

"I learnt how to do it well."

"It gave me a sense of how to be creative."

"I really felt a sense of what it was really talking about."

Notice that each sentences uses a word that is used in questions. Avoiding question words in statements make stronger sentences, keeping them short and emphasising.

"I learnt to do it well."

"It gave me a sense of creativity."

"I really felt a sense of understanding with it."

It takes some getting used to when creating sentences that do not need questions words to explain something. It is usually there to make redundant sentences that are not individual.

Learn how and when to use question words.


Learn to use question words appropriately.

Again, a lot of revision occurs in order to omit unnecessary words; even simply shortening sentences take quite some work and patience.


Remember, if you find yourself writing with question words, go back and try to edit your sentence to force those words out from your writing.

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