Writing Essentials - Tips and Techniques

Utilise this movella to aid your writing needs from punctuation to correct verb usage! You will review important mechanics of writing in order to create sentences that express coherence and fervour. Each chapter in this movella will discuss various writing tools that have the ability to turn any piece of writing into a magnificent work of art.


8. Common Misspellings

We have all been in situations where we rely on auto-correct for typed assignments but panic during written assignments when auto-correct does not exist. There are also occasions where we are just not confident with our spelling and we tend to spend more time worrying about that one word throughout the essay. Using this accumulating list of commonly misspelt words will burn the correct spelling in your vocabulary to ensure those notorious moments do not happen again.

Feel free to comment about any additional words that should be added to the list.



All right - Often thought to be Alright. Not true. There is really no such thing as Alright.

Arbitrary - Often mispronounced and misspelt as Arbituary.

Asterisks - It is not Astericks. It is not even pronounced that way.

Beggar - Unlike other nouns, this is not spelt as Begger. There is an 'A', not an 'E'.

Believe - Many "fast typists" spell this without the 'E', Belive. Be mindful with your vowels!

Briton - Many non-Britons are unaware of this noun, meaning a Great Britain citizen. It is still pronounced "Britain", though.

Calendar - It may be pronounced this way, but it is not spelt as Calender.

Cannot - There is no space in this word, it is not can not. This phrase is completely different!

Celsius - This word has the sounds all mixed up, but that's OK! Don't write Celcius.

Congratulations - There is no 'D' in this word. It is actually pronounced with that /T/ sound.

Definitely - There is no 'A' in this word. It is not Definately.

Dumbbell - There are two B's in this word. Do not forget either of them!

Dysfunction - Dis- means "apart" (Disassemble). Dys- means "ill" or "poor". Disfunction is not an English word!

Fahrenheit - This word is often substituted with its symbol, ゜F.

Embarrassing - Two R's and two S's. It is not Embarassing, nor is it Embarrasing.

Et cetera/Etc. - Often mispronounced and misspelt as Excetera or Ect.

Guarantee - This is a tricky word. It is often misspelt as Gaurantee. Remember Guard. Same thing. 

Irresponsible - The prefix Ir- means "not". "Responsible" is the root word; it is not Iresponsible.

Millilitre - There are two L's and then one L. It is not Mililetre.

Mischievous - Commonly mispronounced and spelt Mischevious. Do not make this mistake!

Misspell - The prefix Mis- means "incorrect". "Spell" is the root word; it is not Mispell.

Occasion - This is often misspelt as Ocassion or even Occassion.

Occurrence - There are two O's and two R's. There is no A, though. It is not Occurrance, nor is it Occurance.

Parallel - Two L's first, one L last. Think of "Peril L" as a mnemonic. It's true and helpful!

Pedestal - You may see the word Pedal to help you out, but it still is not Pedastal.

Philippines - It is not Phillipines, nor is it Phillippines

Recommend - It is not Reccomend, nor is it Reccommend.

RefrigeratorFridge may have a 'D' in it, but Refridgerator is incorrectly spelt.

Rhythm - There is a silent 'H'. It is not Rythm. There is no 'N' at the end either.

Ridiculous - Whoever thought Rediculous was a real word was ridiculous.

Separate - There are two A's. It is not Seperate.

Simile - There are only two I's in this word. It is not Similie.

Transsexual - Trans- means "cross". Sexual is the root word. It is not Transexual.

Weird - Such a wierd word. If you spell it with the 'I' before the 'E', that is a weird way to spell it.

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