Another World- Niall (Completed)

Hi. My name is Summer Davies. I'm just an ordinary girl that goes to Sunnystone High in England. My mum told me that ever since I was 2 that I loved singing. I remember when I was 9, my dad bought me my own guitar. I write my own songs and play them. Everyone at school tells me to audition for X-factor because they 'think' i've got the 'X-factor.' But I know that I'd never be lucky enough to win or come as close. Now since it's 2013 and I'm 18, I've built up the confidence to try out for X-factor. I just want to be like Little Mix or Cher Lloyd. I absolutely love One Direction! I'm just about to start my last year in High School. I wonder what another regular year could bring me.

Read more to find out what happens when Summer auditions for X-factor! :)
First novel so no hate please.


30. The secret

I woke up to someone shaking me. It was Olivia. She was in her swimmers. 
"Wake up Sums, It's already 8:00 and everyone is going for an early swim in the pool, it's hoooottt!" Her words came out unclear and that's when I noticed her mouth had food. 
My stomach rumbled. I was hungry.
"Kay, I'm up. " I replied rubbing my eyes. She pushed a plate of food infront of me.
"You can eat in here and then get changed and meet everyone at the back." Livvy said before walking out. 
I ate up my breakfast quickly and went to the bathroom that was just down the hall, luckily it wasn't occupied. I got changed into my bikini, feeling self conscious for some reason. I ran back to the room, got a towel and my phone and raced outside. There were about 20 people in the pool and jacuzzi area. Olivia and Caity was in the hot tub and Lyssa was swimming like a child in the giant pool. I gently put my phone on a chair, took off my sandals and covered my phone up with my towel. I was standing close to the edge wondering how cold it'd be and before I could do anythin I felt hands on my back and with sudden movement I found myself sinking to the bottom of the pool with laughter and water filling my ears. I jumped from the bottom of the pool to the top to see who pushed me and there I saw the culprit laughing on the floor and everyone else. My cheeks turned rosie red from my embarrassment and pulled the culprit in herself. Tsk Tsk Caity. She screamed as I tugged on her leg, dragging her to the pool. I got to know mostly everyone's name and after an hour or something people started to leave the pool, to get changed. I stayed a little longer. I was the last one to join everyone in Simon's giant living room. Everyone was on the couch and so was Simon. That's when I noticed a very cheeky smile. There he was, sitting on the couch. 
"Now Summer's here." Alyssa said to Simon and he began. 
"Okay, Summer, the last person. Here are the people who are your mentors for this series. Who better than a bunch of crazy lads who I put together. One Direction everybody. " There was loud claps and I was still standing,frozen in the door frame. Only Caity new that me and Niall were close. Niall stood up and walked towards me. I ran to him and his arms flew around me. 
"Hi." I blushed.
"Surprise" He whispered before leading me to everyone. Everyone's face was all like "What?!", it was so funny. 


Niall's P.O.V 
Well Summer was definitely surprised! She got to sit next to me on my left and on my right was Harry. He nudged my stomach making me groan a little bit. 
"Psst." Harry whispered. I leaned to his side to hear him.
"Who's this girl?" He asked.
"You don't remember? That night? You and the girls came over her hotel room and we had a mini-party." I replied, it was only a week ago!
"Oh. Right. Oh my gosh, I didn't get to see her properly. That's Summer aye?" He smirked. 
"Back off mofo." I simply said before leaning straight again. 
Simon was talking to everyone about our history and so I whispered into Summer's ear. 
"I couldn't be a way from you and I didn't want to make you feel nervous to know I'll be here when you girls sing for the first time." I could see her cheeks turning red, she punched my arm a little,jokingly. 
"You could have told me." She smiled. 
"It wouldn't be a surprise." I winked. 

Summer's P.O.V
"It wouldn't be a surprise" He winked at me.
Niall's a cutie. I stopped listening to him and put my attention to Simon, only catching the last bit of information.
"You'll be staying here until Thursday so we'll be back at London on Friday the 1st." he finished and I couldn't help but cut him off even though he was already done. 
"The first? Harry's Birthday!" I glanced at Harry and his expression was like 'I heard my name, What's going on' 
"Yeah exactly so the boys might have wanted to do something for him and I'm sure he wouldn't want to stay here on his birthday." Simon suggested with ease.
He left the room leaving everyone to get to know One Direction. The girls got hugs and stuff and everyone took photos. A few people asked if we were together.
"No, We're just friends." I smiled and Niall would always butt in saying...
"For now." And winking. 
One thing I know for sure is that I can't wait for Xfactor to be over with. So 1: I know how far I've come and 2: I can finally stop working so much and stay with Niall. But I know I'll still be busy after, if I get signed to any records... oh and 3: I can go home to see everyone!

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