Another World- Niall (Completed)

Hi. My name is Summer Davies. I'm just an ordinary girl that goes to Sunnystone High in England. My mum told me that ever since I was 2 that I loved singing. I remember when I was 9, my dad bought me my own guitar. I write my own songs and play them. Everyone at school tells me to audition for X-factor because they 'think' i've got the 'X-factor.' But I know that I'd never be lucky enough to win or come as close. Now since it's 2013 and I'm 18, I've built up the confidence to try out for X-factor. I just want to be like Little Mix or Cher Lloyd. I absolutely love One Direction! I'm just about to start my last year in High School. I wonder what another regular year could bring me.

Read more to find out what happens when Summer auditions for X-factor! :)
First novel so no hate please.


3. New group


I hopped out of the car and slowly walked towards my friends. We sit by the oval, it was nice and fresh there. On my way to the oval I passed a couple of friends. Hugs were shared around and there were small talk about our holidays. I stop by my locker to put in my books. Finally, after walking for 2 minutes, i find myself standing with my friends. They were all cuddled up with their boyfriends. I just sat there before school actually began.  

~First Class~
English, It was so boring. And so i started to sing, it's what i always do when i'm bored. 
"Hey, You know. You're a really good singer."
I slowly raise my head. Who could have said that. I turn to my left, then to my right. There. On my right! There's this boy. He was adorable. Brown, curly hair and greenish eyes. He reminded me of Harry Styles. 
"What did you say?" I ask, Wasn't sure if i was day dreaming or if it was real.
"I said you're a really good singer. Ever thought of auditioning for Xfactor?" He asks. He seemed pretty nice.
"I've always been told to go, but i dont have enough confidence and what would i sing. I'm scared about being rejected. It would break my heart!" I reply.
"Oh don't worry about being rejected, You've got the Xfactor! Trust me! Meet me at M block at lunch. I'll help you build up your confidence." He says before tilting his head back to do his work.
I don't even know if i should go, I dont know the guy. What's his name?
"My name? Oh it's Christian, Christian Riviera." He states softly.
"Did I really just say that out loud?!" I shockingly ask.
"Yes, yes you did." He laughs and continues his work. 

Another 15 minutes had past and it was still boring as hell! Ding~ The bell had just went. We've got morning tea and i know that I've got to meet Christian next break.  I hate breaks. With my friends, they always act so lovey-dovey with their boyfriends. And me, I've got no one. I head over to the canteen and stand in line. There he was. Christian. A few people in front. He had his friends there. How come I've never met him before? I knew everyone he was with. Maybe he was new? but how does everyone know him? I stand nervously, I felt like talking to him but i had no idea what to say. 

"Hey. You! I didnt catch your name in English!"
I look up and my eyes meet his. He was dreamy! But i wasn't sure he was my type.
"oh hi. I'm Summer Davies." I was so nervous i wasn't sure if i was speaking loud enough.
"Do you want to stand behind me? You'll get your food quicker" He winks and I slowly walk 5 steps in front.  He was laughing with his friends. And he slowly wraps his hand around my shoulder. After we grabbed our food Christian started to talk.
"Would you like to sit with us this break?" He asks. He was so cute! But i wasn't sure. I'd be a third wheel with all my other friends but with him, he made me feel like i was a part of the group. I nod and follow him and his friends. We walked to the basket ball courts, I didnt know that he hung out with Amber, Julie and Layla. They were nice girls but we weren't as close. On the school pyramid it goes; Amber's group, mine, the musicians then the 'geeks'.  

"Hey Layla, Jules and Amber!" I say leaning in for a hug. I hug each of them and sit on the tables that were next to the courts. I sat next to Jules and Christian and next to Jules was Layla and across Layla was Eric, who was Christian's friend, and next to him was Amber and next to him was Julian. We laughed and talked about how the Christmas holidays were. Christian then turns to me and starts a little conversation between me and him.
"So How did you get good at singing? any lessons?" He asks.
"Not sure really, Mum told me i could sing since I was 2 or 3. She's a great singer but wasn't famous for it." I say.
"Do you play any instruments?" He kept firing questions, probably to find more about me.
"I-I. Umms. I play guitar! What about you?" I simply reply.
"I play guitar, piano, trumpet and violin."
"Wow that's a lot!" I smile at him and he smiles back.
"Who are you musical intrests?"
"One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Little mix."
"One Direction?! You know all of them came from Xfactor? maybe you could win!" He had a smirk on his face.
"Yes One Direction, What you got a problem? and yeah i know but i would never win. How much time do you have to try to convince me?" I smiled at the thought of his niceness.
"No, I have nothing against them, they are nice lads. And I'll keep saying it until you audition." He smirks once again.

I look at my phone. 10 minutes until break finishes. 

"Christian?" I quietly say.
"Yeah?" He says slurping the last piece of spaghetti in his mouth. 
"I've got to go to my locker.'"I say packing up.
"I'll come with you!" He says starting to pack up aswell.
"No it's fine! You stay here, hang out with your friends!" I try to put him off the topic.
"I'm coming! I want to know about you!"  He smiles and gets up. I nod and walk to my locker. 

I was talking to Christian when suddenly I was stopped by a couple of my friends. They didn't have their boyfriends around.
"Where were you this break?" Jessica says a little annoyed and angry.
"I was with umms. Christian, and his friends. Don't worry we're just friends and I was with Amber, Layla and Jules" I reply.
Annabelle starts to tap her feet, they were all mad. 
"Did you know we told our boyfriends that we wanted to spend time with you but it turns out you have new groups of friends. " Annabelle states in an angry tone.
"I'm sorry, I just thought." I was cut off.
"No, you can't just think, of course we could make time for you. We've all been friends since we started here! No one left behind." Jessica says. Her voice now all calmed.
Alice, Eve and Annabelle adds a "Yeah, yeah!" in before walking off.

"Don't worry about them Summer." Christian comfortingly says. He walks in front of me and turns to face me. He held his hands out for a hug. A gladly took the offer. A tear started to roll down. then he wiped it off with his thumb after he pushes away from the hug. We walk to my locker and sat down in the hall way talking til the bell goes. 


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