Another World- Niall (Completed)

Hi. My name is Summer Davies. I'm just an ordinary girl that goes to Sunnystone High in England. My mum told me that ever since I was 2 that I loved singing. I remember when I was 9, my dad bought me my own guitar. I write my own songs and play them. Everyone at school tells me to audition for X-factor because they 'think' i've got the 'X-factor.' But I know that I'd never be lucky enough to win or come as close. Now since it's 2013 and I'm 18, I've built up the confidence to try out for X-factor. I just want to be like Little Mix or Cher Lloyd. I absolutely love One Direction! I'm just about to start my last year in High School. I wonder what another regular year could bring me.

Read more to find out what happens when Summer auditions for X-factor! :)
First novel so no hate please.


37. Love actually

I woke up the next day feeling fresh and alive. I checked the time on my phone and checked the battery percentage. 8:30, 21%. I plugged in the charger and sat in bed, staring at the ceiling. It wasn't too long before I drifted back into sleep. I woke up by the sounding of knocks. I got up, straightened myself up a bit and walked to the door to find Alyssa.
"Hiyyaaa" She giggled.
"Hey, am I late?" I asked, looking at her, fully dressed with outing clothes. 
"Well, yeah. I thought that maybe we could hang out, just us two? We haven't really hung out, just US two, without Olivia and Caity. Not that I don't like them it's because I love them too much that I want to spend days with you guys individually." She smiled.
"Haha, Nice Gesture." I laughed.
"Okay, well I told the girls and they said we should be back at around 2!" She walks herself in and sits on the couch.
"I'll go get ready! Wait 10-15 minutes" I rush to my room and pick out an outfit, something casual, a white dress with a thin brown belt and brown boots. 

After my shower, I dried my hair quickly, tied it up and tied a ribbon in my hair, a white one to go with the dress. I get one of my dangly necklaces that droop down so it looks like a long chain. I applied light make up to touch up my face. I walked out to find Lyssa watching the Ellen show.
"Let's go. A" I swear, I've got so many nicknames for her.
"You have alot of nicknames for me. A, Lyss, Lyssa.. what next.. Ally?" She chuckled.
"Hmm, Ally! that sounds cool. I'll call you any of them." I search through the fridge for food while Alyssa stands up and tidies herself up a little bit.

~*~ Hours later ~*~
We trudge through the door, a little bit wet, it started to get all rainy all of a sudden, but it just passed through. I turned to my right and found the time to be only 1:02. 
"Let's get changed and we can watch a movie later, we'll get the girls to bring some snacks over later."  Alyssa finally breaks the silence.
"Sure, Mind if I invite Niall?" I blushed.
"Haha, of course he can come. Bring the whole crew why don't you." Sarcasm filling the room.
"But would it be alright if the whole crew came?" I laughed.
"fine." She smiled and headed to the shower. 
I pulled out my phone and texted Niall.
S; Want to come over and watch a movie with the girls?xx
N: Sure.xx
S: You can bring the boys :) xx
N: And food?? :) xx
S: You can bring a few, I'm asking the girls to bring the rest. xx
N: El and Dani is with us right now, would it be alright if they tag along? xx
S: It'd be a little bit crowded but alright. :) xx
N: See you in half an hour, with the boys, and girls and snacks xx
S: Haha Kay :)

20 minutes later, everyone was already here. Harry decided to pick up some rent-out movies and got Love Actually. Niall had a bag full of chips and lollies that we  would nibble on throughout the movie. We all get settled in and the movie began. I was sitting on Niall's lap and he had his hands snaked around me waist. The microwave beeped indicating that the buttered popcorn was ready. Louis ran dramatically to it yelling 'Pop Corn' popping the P's. Everyone was so into the movie that when I got a call I had to leave the room to not be a distraction. I check the ID name. Christian.
C: Hi Sums
S: Hey!!
C: I saw your performance, you were the best. 
S: Aww thanks. I'm actually busy right now.
C: Oh alright, bad timing aye.
S: Sorry, ahaha.
C;It's alright
S: It's just that I was in the middle of a movie, talk to me later maybe? :) 
C: Oh, can I talk to Caity then?
S: Sure.
I walked out and handed my phone to Caity, 
At the end of the movie, Caity was still talking to Christian and Mostly everyone fell asleep. Time flew by pretty quick and we had to say our goodbyes because the girls and I had to go to the Auditorium. We called a cab to pick us up and another few just for the others. When I got into the car I got a call. Niall. 
"Why are you calling?" I asked. "I just got in the car" I laughed.
"I missed you." I could tell he was laughing.
"You are so cute sometimes, you know that?" 
"Haha, yeah?" He questioned.
"Yeah! So what's up?"
"I'm going for an interview tonight, so I'll be a bit busy, I might miss the show tonight." He sounded upset.
"Aww it's okay. I just hope I don't go." I smiled even though he couldn't see me. 

I hung up a few minutes after because we made it to the auditorium. We got changed back into the clothes that were used yesterday, but they were cleaned, from all the sweat. The girls and I sat around talking to all the other contestants, getting to know them all properly. I had met a few people, they were genuinely kind.  

Talking to all the people took up our time. Before we knew it, it was night and time for the show to be airing. We all got called out by groups and stood there waiting.. waiting to see if we made it in or got to the bottom two.

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