Another World- Niall (Completed)

Hi. My name is Summer Davies. I'm just an ordinary girl that goes to Sunnystone High in England. My mum told me that ever since I was 2 that I loved singing. I remember when I was 9, my dad bought me my own guitar. I write my own songs and play them. Everyone at school tells me to audition for X-factor because they 'think' i've got the 'X-factor.' But I know that I'd never be lucky enough to win or come as close. Now since it's 2013 and I'm 18, I've built up the confidence to try out for X-factor. I just want to be like Little Mix or Cher Lloyd. I absolutely love One Direction! I'm just about to start my last year in High School. I wonder what another regular year could bring me.

Read more to find out what happens when Summer auditions for X-factor! :)
First novel so no hate please.


22. Is this love?

I got dressed into a purple dress, it was tight and was above-the-knee-length. I wore my black vans with it along with a black headband. I decided to also curl my hair a little bit and I applied a bit of make up. I called Niall to see if he was still up to it.
"Niall!" I blushed as I heard his voice on the other line.
"Summer!" He said, just as happy as I was. 
"Hey, are you still up for dinner? I have to tell you something!" I said, not as calmly as I would've wanted. 
"About bootcamp?" He asked, his Irish accent so cute.
"mmhmm" was the only noise that escaped my lips.
"Well okay, 7:00. I'll pick you up" He just said. I stared at the clock for a few seconds to read the time it was only 5:40. 
"Okay! See you then!" I said.
"Bye" Was the last thing I heard before he hung up.

I got off the couch and went over to Caity's to find her watching Family guy on her couch on eating some chips. She was laughing her butt off. I joined her and she got startled.
"How'd you get in?" she asked shocked.
"Yeah, You left the door unlocked, don't worry, I locked it." I replied and she just nods and smiled.
We sat there laughing and watching and eating. Time flew quickly and then I could hear a knock from the hall. and a familiar Irish accent. 
"Summer, Summer?" He was calling out.
"Shit, Got to go, almost forgot!" I stood up and said as I walked away from Caity, to her door.
"Okay, Have fun Sums." She said.
"Ta~" I replied and opened the door slowly.

"Niall!" I spoke up, butterflies building in my stomach. He jumped and turned around and I could see him holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
"Hey! You scared me!" He handed me the flowers and I giggled. 
"Just wait, I need to get my purse, you're welcome to come in." I said while opening the unlocked door. He followed. I walked to my room and he stayed standing in the kitchen. I guess he had the urge not to go looking for food because he held his hands down.
"Was it hard getting here?" I shouted from the room I've been sleeping in for the past few nights.
"Huh? No. Why?" He shouted back.
"With all the fans?" I shouted but lowered my voice as I walked down the hall to meet him.
"Oh, right. Well I wasn't noticing them, because I was so excited to see you"  He smiled and I looked down to my shoes, blushing. I could hear him walk forward and he lifts up my chin.
"Don't be shy!" He says soothingly.
"I-I'm not" I stuttered and smiled. He leaned closer and gave me a kiss on my nose. 
"C'mon let's go." He smiled.
"C'mon, C'mon" I muttered, remembering one of my favourite songs off the Take Me Home album.
"What?" He asked.
"Oh nothing." I replied and smiled at him.

Niall's P.O.V.
We left her hotel room and now we are in the elevator. I was so nervous. I had a lot of things planned. Taking her to a fancy 'make your own pizza' and then going to somehow stop at my flat without being caught by anyone, watch a movie and drop her back home. A big night ahead of us.
"So." I broke the silence.
"Yeah?" She mumbled under her breath.
"How was today? Like with everything and all," I asked.
"X factor you mean?" She replied, her cute british accent filling the elevator. 
"Yeah." I said and suddenly the doors open to the lobby. 
"Shall we?" I stepped forward and held out a hand. She took it and said "We shall." 
To have her hand in mind felt cute. I told her to bring her sunglasses just incase there were paparazzis.There were a couple of fans outside, they must have spotted me. We walked to the front door and a few camera lights flashed.
"Sorry about them." I tried to comfort her as she tensed up feeling nervous.
"It's okay." She just sighed.
"You'll have to get used to it! You're going to be a star one day." I complimented.
"Thanks?" She smiled.
I pushed the glass doors open and so many girls screamed. "Niall! Niall. Look over here, Niall, I love you Niall!" I sighed and decided to do the nice thing.
"Sorry Sums, It'll only be a few minutes." I laughed a little and let go of her soft hand. I walked over to one fan and she gave her phone to her friend and took a photo. I gave her a hug and moved on. After a few other fans I apologized and left them standing there screaming as I walked off, hand in hand with Summer. 

Summer: She's the definition of why butterflies fly crazily in my stomach, the reason why my heart beats faster just looking at her and the reason why I can't help but blush when I see her. 

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