Another World- Niall (Completed)

Hi. My name is Summer Davies. I'm just an ordinary girl that goes to Sunnystone High in England. My mum told me that ever since I was 2 that I loved singing. I remember when I was 9, my dad bought me my own guitar. I write my own songs and play them. Everyone at school tells me to audition for X-factor because they 'think' i've got the 'X-factor.' But I know that I'd never be lucky enough to win or come as close. Now since it's 2013 and I'm 18, I've built up the confidence to try out for X-factor. I just want to be like Little Mix or Cher Lloyd. I absolutely love One Direction! I'm just about to start my last year in High School. I wonder what another regular year could bring me.

Read more to find out what happens when Summer auditions for X-factor! :)
First novel so no hate please.


43. Going Home

Today was the 23rd of April and it was the day that all of us girlies separated for a while to go back home, well home to our families. Niall decided to come home with me but only for a few days because he had to go back to the boys and get back on tour but he said he'd visit as much as possible. Niall had booked us a limo to get there. I had a large suitcase that was filled with new clothes and souvenirs for my family and friends back home and another suitcase of the stuff that I had originally had with me. Olivia, Alyssa, Caity and I checked in together and went through everything together but we were almost crying for a while when it was time for us to go to our gates. I felt so unlucky, the girls' gates were close to eachother but mine was in the other direction. At least I had Niall. I took out my laptop and cheked in to the airport on Facebook. The plane doesn't depart for another FOUR hours but we had to come early for Caity. Niall then suggested to do a quick twitcam. So I set it up and the views raced higher and higher.
"Hello everyone." Niall says.
"Ask us anything, we're bored." I smile
"And I'm hungry" Niall says and he walks off to one of the food stands to buy something.
"Oh yeah, go follow me on twitter please!" I asked the audience watching. "What's my twitter?" I read out. "Oh right it's @Summer_DaviesOfficial" I laughed how I wrote official when I had nothing for it to be official when I made the account.
"What's Caity's, Alyssa's and Olivia's Twitter?" I read out a question. After telling them Niall came back with some hot fries and two drinks. 
"What's Cracka-lacking?" Niall said in his cute Irish voice. 
"Oh, just telling them the girls' and my twitter as well as the official twitter of Destiny" I smiled taking a sip from the ice-caramel drink.
"Okay, questions time." Niall says and we wait silently for a while for people to say something.
"Are you guys officially dating now?" I read out. 
"Not exactly." Niall nonchalantly says.
"Well because he hasn't asked me" I smirked.
"What would our couple name be then? " Niall smiles and we wait for a bit for some answers.
"Nialler?" I read out "But that's already NIALL'S nickname!" I laughed.
"It does fit in." Niall laughs and squeezes me in a tight hug.
"@AlyssaGreen1234" Niall begins, not noticing the name.
"Hey Lyss" I laughed, because it was Alyssa she was watching us.
"Oh Hey Alyssa!" Niall says and says the question. " Can I come down to see you, with Olivia?"
"Sure! Go ahead," I responded and in a few minutes they were with us and read out a question.
"Where is Caity?" Olivia says.
"She already boarded her plane." Caity says, sadly.
"Shout out to @Destinyizcoolzies" I read out, laughing.
" I'd like to make a shout out... SHOUT OUT" Niall says, mimicking Louis from the video diaries and we all laugh.
"Shout out to my sister Maddie and Grace" I smile and wave to the screen.
"SHOUT OUT.. to umms. the floor?" Alyssa awkwardly says making us all laugh.
"Prank calls?" Olivia laughs as she reads the tweet out.
"Okay, who?" Niall asks.
"Zayn, Liam, Louis?" I read out as people wrote it down.
"Harry!" I laughed.
"Okay. I'll do it." Alyssa says and Niall dialls Harry's number on Alyssa's phone and puts it on speaker.
"Shhh" Niall puts a finger to his lips.
"Erm, Hello?" He says.
"Oh my gosh, Harry? Styles? Harry Edward Styles?" Alyssa says in a high pitched voice, sounding like a fan. "I'm like your biggest fan."
"Excuse me? How'd you get my number?" He asks, stunned.
"It was tweeted on twitter, it's like trended, I can't believe you picked up!" Alyssa lies.
"What? When? Who posted it?" Harry says. "Hold on a second"  he says. I guess he's checking his twitter.
"Wait, is this Summer?" he asks.
"No, But I wish I was, she's so cool and awesome."  Alyssa says and I couldn't help but let out a loud laugh.
"Alyssa" He says, very impressed.
"Haha, sorry buddy, that was all on twitcam." Niall says.
"What? Oh you... I'm going to get you back soon." Harry warns and we all laugh.
"Well Hey there Directioners and random people watching Niall's Twitcam" Harry says.
"Okay, go watch us" Niall says and hangs up the phone and soon enough Harry says something on twitter.
"@Harry_Styles Just got pranked by @NiallOfficial and @DestinyOfficial" I read out, laughing. 
"Well we got to go, see ya guys." Alyssa says and I hug both of them.

Niall and I ended the twitcam 15 minutes before we boarded the plane and we spent the day, in a plane, watching movies and ordering ice cream.. which Niall paid for since it was expensive.

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