Beautiful Liar

15 year old Makayla has a dream..... Her dream is to be a professional singer, when she gets a chance to join Brittish Girl Group Little Mix, and she falls in love with a certain curly haired member of One Direction, will she leave her old life and start a brand new one?


1. The Arrival

Today was the day that Little Mix and One Direction arrived at the x-house, yep I'm a contestant in the X factor Australia, ever since I was a little girl I always dreamt of been a singer.

Anyway Little mix was only here to choose a 5th member, about 3 weeks ago the producers sent a tape of each girl soloist to England for them to look at and finally it was time to find out who they had chosen.

One Direction on the other hand where here for their Australian tour, I have a major crush on harry but so does Bryleigh she is snobby and up herself not to mention the slut if all sluts. But the good thing is I don't have to share a room with her.

Back to the story at the moment I'm at the studio rehearsing for tonight's performance, when I finish rehearsing I get into the taxi to take me back to the house when I walk in the door I see Bryleigh with.............Harry from One Direction, I walk past the two of them not wanting to interrupt Bryleighs flirting session, I walk up the stairs to my room wondering where the other 4 are but my thoughts are gone when I open my door and met by 4 pairs of female eyes " hi" I say confused to why Little mix are in my room "hi I'm jade, this is jesy, Leigh-Anne, and perry and we are your roommates for the next 2 days" jade says sweetly " nice to meet you, I'm Makayla" I tell them, the turn to each other and whisper something to each other' do they not like me' I think to myself, I chuck my phone and iPod on my bed and walk to the bathroom,I have a shower and then change into a pair of denim short shorts And a yellow halter top, I walk out if the house and get into my taxi, when I reach the studios I went straight to the make up and hair bus I was greeted by warm hellos by all the make up and hair people I sat down in Charlie my favourite make up / hair artist, when I had my hair and make up done I went to the wardrobe and put on my dress.
I sang Ed Sheerans Give me love, when I finished I walked off stage all of a sudden a tall figure steps in front of me " oh my god Harry you scared me" I said "oh I'm sorry, You were amazing Makayla, ummmm errrrr would you like to go for lunch with me tomorrow?" He asked he sounded almost nervous "thank you harry, and of course I will" I replied "cool see you tomorrow" he said and gave me a hug and walked away.

At the end of the show the host introduces Little Mix onto the stage " as some of you may know about a month ago we announced that we will be adding a 5th member, we have looked at the tapes and we have decided who we will be adding" jesy says "the new member of little mix is........... Makayla Starr" Perrie Announces, I couldn't believe it I had made it into my favourite girl band.

************************The Next Day***************

I woke up at 11 am I had an hour until my date with Harry I walked downstairs in my black and white plaid pyjama pants and my white singlet, I poured myself a bowl of cereal and ate it when I finished I showered, straightened my natural chocolate brown hair, applied natural make up and put on a blue dress just above the knee and a pair of black wedge boots I walk down stairs yet again and met Harry, we walked to a nice little cafè we sat down at a table and ordered our food while we were talking and waiting for our food Harry decided to play footsie a under the table, when our food arrived we ate but harry wanted to feed me so I let him.

On our walk home harry just randomly stopped and turned to me " Makayla I have a question" he asked "ask away harry" I replied "ok so I know we kind of only just met but I think I'm in live with you, so what I'm trying to say us will you be my girl friend" he asks "of course" I reply.
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