Beautiful Liar

15 year old Makayla has a dream..... Her dream is to be a professional singer, when she gets a chance to join Brittish Girl Group Little Mix, and she falls in love with a certain curly haired member of One Direction, will she leave her old life and start a brand new one?


3. Surprises and Lies

It's been 2 weeks since Harry came home and I have been feeling really sick, I didnt know what was wrong so I went to the chemist and bought a pregnancy test, when I got home I told Harry that I think I may be pregnant he wasn't mad or angry, I walked into our bathroom and took the test, when I took it I called Harry into the bathroom, we sat on the side of the bathtub, when 5 minutes was up we took the test from the counter and looked at it to see 2 very distinct pink stripes, I looked at Harry to see a massive smile on his face " I'm gonna be a dad!!!!!" He exclaims excitedly " wait wait, we have to tell the others" I say " yep we will tell them tomorrow" he says,

Since it was New Year's Eve we were going to Louis house for a party, I put on a tight black dress and a pair of red heels, when we arrive at Lou's house we a greeted by Eleanor ad a very drunk Louis, we party for ages until the fireworks, me and Harry left at 1am, when we went home I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch.

When I woke up the next morning there was Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor, Danielle, Perry, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Harry all sitting on the flooring stand up still in my dress, all eyes are on me and Harry who is now standing next to me " Makayla and I have something to tell you all" Harry announces " yes we do, guys I'm pregnant" I tell them I'm bombarded will hugs and "congratulations" just then my phone rings it's my mum

••••••••phone coversation•••••••••••

Me: "hey mum"
Mum: "don't hey me, you are 15 turning 16 and your pregnant"
Me: " mum just calm down"
Mum: "No I'm not gonna calm down, YOUR FATHER AND ME ARE DISOWNING YOU"

I hang up and look at my friends they give me sympathetic looks, I just cry into Harry's shoulder.

*********************** 11Days Later***********************

Eleanor, Danielle, Perry and I just got back from shopping for Zayn's Bityhday when we walk up stairs to mine and Harry's shared room we open the door to see harry banging some blonde I scream at him and his slut who happens to be Taylor Swift, the other girls thought it would be best if they left, I rang Niall and asked him to pick me up and packed my bags at the same time, I walked down stairs and outside, " Makayla your being ridiculous" he said " no harry this is ridiculous" I said , I grabbed my key and dug it into the side if his car "thats ridiculous" I screamed, at that moment Niall's silver porche pulled up I jumped in, " Hey Maks whats wrong?" He asked, I told him what happened and he just hugged me at the trafic lights, when we reached his apartment, we got out of the car and into the apartment, he showed me my room, since it was dinner time we ordered a pizza, after dinner we watched t.v, I feel asleep on nialls shoulder , he carried me up to his room, put me down then got in himself, he wrapped his Arms around me and kisses the top of my head, I think I'm developing feelings for Niall.
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