Beautiful Liar

15 year old Makayla has a dream..... Her dream is to be a professional singer, when she gets a chance to join Brittish Girl Group Little Mix, and she falls in love with a certain curly haired member of One Direction, will she leave her old life and start a brand new one?


4. Maybe

I woke up in Nialls bed with his arms wrapped around me I looked at him he was awake and looking at me " Morning Beautiful" he said in a sexy morning voice " morning Handsome" I replied he kissed my cheek and got up, I followed him down stairs he started to make pancakes when he was cooking them I sniffed the aroma of the chocolate chip pancakes I suddenly felt sick, I rn up stairs to the bathroom and threw up I heard footsteps and saw Niall walk in and hold my hair back, when I finished been sick I cleaned my self up and walked back down stairs to see two plates with pancakes on them and Niall sitting at the table, when we ate our breakfast Buall and I watched movies until 6 pm, at 6 I had a hot shower, since I wasn't showing a baby bump yet I wore a tight sparkly red dress that cut off just above the knee with 3/4 sleeves and a pair of black heels, I applied some smokey gold eyeshadow and red lipstick, when Niall and I were ready we got into his car and drove to Zayn's house for his party, when we got into the house we were greeted By Perry who looked gorgeous after about 20 minutes of dancing Harry pulled me aside to talk " I know what I did was stupid and I'm sorry, but I don't want you to take me back because what I did to you was horrible" he said with sadness " Harry I forgive you but I only want to be friends and yes what you did to me was horrible" I told him " when the baby arrives will I be known as its father?" He questions " no, Niall will be known as the father," I reply he nods his head , when we finish out conversation we hug each other and go in our own directions, I walk over to Danielle, Eleanor and Perry and stand and chat with them, after 5 minutes Taylor walks up to us, she starts boasting to us about some random crap, this goes on for 20 minutes until I just crack " oh my god Taylor shut the fuck up no one gives a shit" I yell Perry, Danielle and Eleanor pull me away and give me thank you's, it's now late and Niall and I are on our way home " so I heard you and harry made up" he says " yep we are just friends that's all" I respond " I also heard that you yelled at Taylor" he says I nod my head in agreement.

When we get home I change into my pyjamas I crawl into bed with Niall and slowly go to sleep while he is singing to me and the baby.

***********************1 month later**********************

It turns out All of the one direction girlfriends are pregnant, we all feel sorry for harry because Taylor is been a bitch and won't let him do anything or see the boys.

Right now everyone except Liam is sitting at mine and nialls flat, Liam had gone to Harry's to free him from the dragon, we heard the door open and in came liam crying " li what's wrong" Danielle asks " Taylor" is all he manages to get out and then lifts his shirt to reveal a big bruise on his stomache " that bitch" I say and walk out the door " where are u going" Niall yells out " to show that bitch not to mess with my friends" I reply, the other girls follow me, when we reach Harry's apartment I knock on the door and the bitch herself answers " what do you want?" She spits I punch her in the face " that's for punching Liam" I say "and that's for being a dragon and not letting harry have a social life" I say punching her again "come on harry" I call out he comes out of the house and walks back to Niall and mines flat, the one Direction boys were back.
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